Next year, you will be as strong as a tiger!


. Three nine tonic winter, no pain in the next year

winter is the season of latent vitality, Yang accumulation, is the best time to supplement and accumulate energy, as the saying goes: “three nine tonic winter, no pain in the next year”, so the winter solstice season can eat more beef, chicken, pork tripe, nuts and other tonic food to get rid of cold, invigorate health. In winter, wearing a cotton hat is like wearing a cotton padded jacket. In cold winter, everyone puts on thick clothes, and the body heat is mainly lost from the head, hands and other exposed parts. Therefore, wearing a cotton hat in winter is like wearing a cotton padded jacket. When you go out to wear a hat, you should protect your ears to reduce heat loss.


indoor jogging

the winter solstice is cold. At this time, the human body is easy to be stimulated by cold air, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that you do not go out for exercise at the coldest time. You can choose to do some simple exercises at home, such as indoor jogging, gymnastics, yoga, etc. In winter solstice season, we should insist on soaking feet with hot water every day before going to bed, which can dredge meridians, disperse cold and activate blood circulation. In addition, we should also develop the habit of hand rubbing, hand rubbing can not only promote blood circulation, but also prevent the occurrence of frostbite, we quickly move your fingers!

winter solstice tonic notes

winter solstice is an important solar term in health preservation, mainly because of “winter solstice Yang Sheng.” In ancient China, the winter solstice was set as the first month of the year. In the twelve hours of a day, Zishi is also the time when the body Yang is born. In ancient times, health cultivation attached great importance to the birth of Yang Qi. It was believed that when Yang Qi was born, it should be carefully protected and carefully nursed, just like a farmer raising seedlings and a woman getting pregnant. Because only when the Yang Qi in the human body is sufficient, can we achieve the goal of eliminating diseases and prolonging the life span. “Tonic in winter this year, tiger fighting in spring next year” is a proverb that has been circulating for a long time. So winter solstice tonic is very important, very necessary.

winter tonic mainly refers to the period from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring, and folk custom believes that the winter solstice is the most appropriate time.

winter solstice health: Winter Solstice need tonic four categories of people

many people know the winter solstice to tonic, so how should winter solstice tonic? Indeed, tonic may not be suitable for everyone, but the following four categories of people in winter solstice tonic is very necessary. What kind of people do you belong to?

the first group: people prone to winter diseases

chronic bronchitis, chilblain, polyuria and other winter solstice diseases, in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, are kidney qi deficiency, Yang deficiency and external cold. The method of regulation and treatment is warm medicine and it. Such as cooked aconite, cinnamon, seahorse, dog kidney, ginseng, licorice, wolfberry, etc. can be used. In addition to medication tonic, but also food tonic, such as ginger broth on cough and asthma better. Fuzi ginger Guizhi Decoction is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of chilblain, and external washing also has effect.

the second group: people with weak Yang Qi

is the winter solstice, when the weather is cold and the ground is frozen. It is the season of the strongest Yin Qi and the weakest Yang Qi in a year. People with Yang deficiency often have clear water, cold hands and feet, frostbite and frequent nocturia. This kind of people can use dried ginger, ginseng, cooked aconite, pepper, mutton and other food, especially in three or nine days. At the same time, you can also take Jingui Shenqi pills to promote the development of Yang Qi.

the third group: health and longevity people

health and longevity, winter solstice tonic is a good health care method. In principle, if there are deficiencies, they should be supplemented. For example, those who use more brain should often eat walnuts, and those who consume more energy should supplement fruits and vegetables in time. How much and how to make it up vary from person to person.

the fourth group: prevention of spring and summer disease

as long as the winter care well, the incidence of spring and summer will be less. Based on this point of view, winter tonic should be high protein, high calorie food is appropriate. Can use all kinds of fish and cattle, sheep, dog meat, add ginseng, astragalus, longan, jujube, or do soup, or for meals. As long as the spleen and stomach absorb well, tonic will make people reserve more energy, so as to enhance the ability of immune disease resistance.

of course, the winter solstice health is not the only way to eat. For people who stay up late for a long time, supplementary sleep is also a tonic; For the lack of exercise, moderate winter exercise is also a tonic… In short, we should also carry out health care according to their own conditions.

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