Nine cleaning tips bathroom cleaning is no longer a headache

after a rainy season, the air humidity is gradually rising, clothing and furniture are easy to mold in the humid environment, the original wet bathroom has become a disaster area, it is easy to breed mold if not handled in time, it will not only leave mildew, but also harm family health. At the same time, the bathroom cleaning work is very fragmented, it is a headache. Today, I will bring you nine time-saving cleaning tips for bathrooms.

Nine cleaning tips bathroom cleaning no longer headache

how to clean shower head

the common problem of shower head is that the surface and inner surface are easy to accumulate scale, which can be easily removed with vinegar.

1. Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1 and put them in plastic bags;

2. Remove the shower head, soak it in a plastic bag and seal it well;

3. Take it out after standing for half an hour, wash it with hot water, and shine immediately!

how to clean the toothbrush holder

if it is not made of wood or metal, then we can use the dishwasher to clean it. First of all, put the toothbrush rack into the top rack of the dishwasher, set it to normal circulation, then we can be the shopkeeper (do you feel the convenience of modern technology). Washing soap boxes also follows the steps mentioned above.

how to polish the faucet

apply shaving cream to the faucet, then wipe it with a wet rag, and finally rinse it clean. After this simple operation, the faucet can be used as a mirror!

how to clean the bathroom mirror

the steps to clean the bathroom mirror are similar to those to clean the faucet, but still with the help of “artifact” shaving cream. Wipe shaving cream onto the bathroom mirror with a paper towel, then spread the bubble onto the whole mirror with a wet paper towel, and finally rinse with water. In this way, the bathroom mirror can be bright, fragrant, clean and clear for up to a week.

how to clean the shower curtain

remember: never use a paper towel or rag to wipe the mold on the shower curtain, so there is no way to eradicate it!

1. Throw the shower curtain into the washing machine, and then pour in neutral detergent (such as blue moon, gooddad detergent, etc.) or half a cup of soda powder;

2. Note, here is the tip: put some towels or bed sheets and curtains in the washing machine, which can not only better remove mold, but also protect the shower curtain from being washed;

3. Hang up the shower curtain and air dry naturally. It’s done! So we can say goodbye to the mold.

how to clean the bathroom tiles

. to 1:1 ratio of mixed water and vinegar or bleach powder, spray bottled up. Shake, make full integration;

2. spray the liquid in the spray bottle onto the tile. Of course, there are many places where mold can be sprayed.

3. Note, here is the key: let the tiles air dry after spraying;

4. Finally, rinse the bathroom tiles thoroughly with water.

5. As for those black spots that are difficult to clean, we need to use the “upgraded” cleaning method: mix baking soda and water into a paste, and then use the old toothbrush to brush off the black spots.

how to clear the blocked drainage pipe

1. Throw one or two pieces of Xiaoshi effervescent tablets into the drainage pipe, such as Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets or all kinds of vitamin effervescent tablets (of course, if you don’t have effervescent tablets, you can make some baking soda, the effect is the same);

2. Then pour in a cup of vinegar;

3. After a few minutes, rinse it with hot water and it will be open to traffic.

how to clean bathroom toys

as a lot of children bath necessary bathroom toys, of course, to focus on cleaning. Prepare a bucket of water according to the ratio of 1 / 4 cup vinegar to each liter of warm water, then put the bathroom toys into the water, rub the toys up and down in the water, and then dry them naturally. So you don’t have to worry about the baby and bathroom toys being infected with bacteria when they take a bath.

to master the above nine cleaning tips, to ensure that we can quickly and thoroughly clean the bathroom, and no longer have to worry about the existence of toilet hygiene dead corner!

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