No appetite? Ginger to help you

No appetite? Ginger to help you

no appetite? Ginger to help you

there is a folk proverb & lt; If the rice is not delicious, eat ginger;, That is to say, eating a few pieces of ginger or putting a little tender ginger in the dishes can improve appetite and increase appetite. Is this proverb reasonable?

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is warm and pungent. It has the effect of expelling cold and appetizing the stomach and dispersing cold in the middle. It is suitable for patients with exogenous wind cold, spleen and stomach deficiency cold and diarrhea.

western medicine believes that ginger contains gingerol, which can enhance blood circulation, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, and promote digestion, stomach, and appetite. At the same time, it has protective effect on gastric mucosa and can effectively treat chronic gastritis.

so eating 1-3 pieces of ginger when you have a loss of appetite can really promote your appetite. If you can’t accept the taste of ginger, you can soak ginger in vinegar and eat it, which can reduce the spicy taste of ginger.

in addition, ginger can also be cut into shreds or chopped into powder into cold dishes, both delicious and stomach. The specific method of soaking ginger with vinegar is to slice fresh ginger, soak it with rice vinegar, add a small amount of sugar and salt, and it can be eaten after three days.

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