No need to boil eggs, super delicious who do not learn who regret!

boiled eggs

seemingly simple boiled eggs in white water may not be ready. First of all, it costs a lot of water, and it always boils. But it’s easy to cook in an electric cooker! If you put the paper on the bottom of the pot, you can put it in two layers. Then pour a little water in and wet the paper. It doesn’t need too much! Wash the eggs and put them into the pot. Press the cook button. When the electric rice cooker keeps warm, it’s OK! It won’t boil at all, and it’s very easy to peel!

how to deal with neck cold in autumn and winter. Scarf has the function of promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue. No matter in cold winter or cool summer, scarf is your best match. Scarf can be said to be a traditional Chinese medicine in autumn and winter.

44555 how to remove the price label

if your gift to your friend is not expensive enough to tear off the price label, you can consider using a hair dryer. In this way, the label after heating can be easily peeled off without leaving a pool of black stains as usual! We haven’t tried, but we believe microwave oven works better.

what to do after cutting vegetables

if you can’t find a band aid temporarily, or the band aid can’t stop bleeding at all, you can apply the protein full of gauze and then apply it on the wound. This is because protein can coagulate blood. Of course, you must use raw eggs, not cooked ones.

how to deal with the wound pain when taking a bath

the wound that has not yet healed is exposed to irritant substances. In addition to the pain, it may also lead to inflammation. If you have to dip the wound in cold water, you can first apply a neutral layer of oil, such as cream or what. This kind of thing can isolate the wound from the water and give you a big discount on the pain.

44555 what to do after food poisoning

if you accidentally eat some bright red mushrooms, not fried four seasons beans, prepare to induce vomiting. But there are still many buddies who can’t spit out with their fingers in their throat for a long time. It doesn’t matter. You can drink some soapy water before you go to see a doctor. This kind of thing can make you feel inferior to pregnant women.

what if your eyes get dust?

close your eyes and cough hard for several times, or scratch your nostrils and sneeze twice, The dust in the eyes will come out by itself. It’s exaggerating, isn’t it? Not surprisingly, when people cough or sneeze, the lacrimal gland will secrete a lot of tears. These tears can help clear your eyes. Sneezing enough has the same effect on the eyes.

how to identify the old and new eggs

put the eggs in water. If the egg lies flat in the water, it is fresh; If it leans in the water, it means it has been three or four days; If it is upright, it may have been stored for 10 days; If the egg floats on the water, then it has only one purpose, that is to directly hit the black heart real estate developers.

44555 how to walk in rainy days

people with hard right heels are easy to walk on the street with their hind legs muddy. In fact, the solution is quite simple. As long as you go inside, you can leave the mud on both sides. If you want to, you can also put on slippers to go a little more exaggerated, so that not only his legs no mud, but also throw people around two legs mud.

eliminate the slight cracks on the plate

heat the milk in the pot, then put the cracked white plate into the pot and cook for about 10 minutes, then take out the plate to cool, and you will find that the cracks are gone. If the color of the container is dark, you can change the milk into coffee, which can also have the same effect. I’ll use coke if it’s deeper. OK, the last one I’m talking nonsense about.

how to change an old banknote into a new banknote

mix the paste and water, spray it on the banknote, and then iron it with an electric pregnant bucket. Unfortunately, this method can only turn old banknotes into new ones, but not counterfeit banknotes into real ones.

44555 how to treat stiff neck new move

there are no more than two reasons for stiff neck: first, improper sleeping posture, too high or too low pillow, head sliding under the pillow, making the neck inclined to one side; 2、 Sleep occasionally cold, resulting in local meridians blocked, steam and blood operation is not smooth.

in fact, the stiff neck is not so terrible. Take out the rolling pin at home and ask your wife to think of your neck as a dough. Then use the usual rolling force to roll your neck that can’t be turned.

if you want to prevent falling pillow, you must choose the pillow that meets the physiological requirements. In general, the ideal pillow height is about 6 to 8 cm for men and 4 to 7 cm for women.

how to whiten teeth

make teeth whiten quickly: use salt, baking soda, add water, brush teeth once a day, 4 days can remove tooth surface stains, make teeth white.

fishbone throat how to do

swallow leek to treat fishbone throat, fry a chopped leek, and then swallow, can remove fishbone throat.

44555 cold how to do

coke can cure cold. At the beginning of a cold, you can use coke and a few pieces of ginger and a lemon to cook, and then drink it, which has a significant effect.

new tableware how to disinfect

just bought ceramic tableware, with 4% vinegar water soaking boiling, can remove most of the toxic substances.

how to deal with dry hands and feet in autumn and winter

dry hands and feet in autumn and winter, you can wash your hands and feet with the remaining tea mixed with blood heat blisters for about 10 minutes, adhere to a week, the skin can be smooth as before.

44555 physiological period pain

about 3 to 4 pieces of angelica, add red dates and brown sugar, and then boil in the right amount of water for about 30 minutes, drink not only can solve the physiological pain, but also can help the blood discharge more clean!


Auntie can clean the sheets without taking them down for washing. The trick is: get ready to take out the paper, put a wet stack of tissue under the stains on the sheets, remember it’s the bottom, and then use a dry tissue to suck it from the sheets. After several times, the tissue will soon dry, Aunt also followed the water molecules from the sheet to the top! prove effective every time!

beer shrinkage pores

take a clean small bowl and pour in beer. Soak the medicinal cotton yarn in beer for about 3 minutes, take out the cotton yarn, twist it slightly, and then apply it on the face for about half an hour. If the water in the cotton yarn is absorbed, soak it in the first two steps and apply it for 3 times. After taking off the cotton yarn, you will be surprised to find that the skin becomes tight and the pores shrink.

44555 zipper is stuck

when the zipper of clothes is stuck or not easy to pull, first apply wax, and then wipe with dry cloth, you can easily pull!

black bag to mite

want to sun quilt or clothing, dolls, blankets are OK, with the largest black garbage bag up tied, must be black Oh. Then put it in the sun for 1-2 hours, the black will absorb heat, and the temperature of the clothes and quilts inside the bag will rise quickly to eliminate mites. Because mites die at 50 degrees. It’s really effective. Although we can’t see it, we can see it again with a microscope after sun exposure. Those “hateful mites” are really dead!

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