Not eating breakfast is not only easy to lead to obesity, forget to eat this meal, heart disease

there are many people who do not eat breakfast, some of them are occasionally too late to eat, and some of them have not had the habit of eating breakfast for a long time. The harm of not having breakfast is very great, which may not be seen in the short term, but in fact, the consequences are very serious. What would you like for breakfast? If you want to know the answer, please read and read the following article together!

The harm of not eating breakfast is

1. It’s bad for the heart. If you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, you are 27% more likely to have heart disease than people who eat breakfast, according to a study by Harvard University. Although there is no way to fully explain the reason, but from the results, it is so. In addition, the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases may also increase, including stroke.

according to the analysis of scholars, the long-term reasons for not eating breakfast may be work and

4. According to a survey published in the American Journal of appetite in 2010, female college students who often skip breakfast are more likely to have irregular menstruation. It also includes dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. Skipping breakfast can also have a negative impact on puberty. In 2009, a Japanese study analyzed the eating habits of 315 female college students and found that female students who did not eat breakfast were generally in poor health and had more dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

5. Body energy level

according to a 1999 British study, skipping breakfast has a negative impact on body energy and mood. The research group divided 144 people into groups. The group is divided into three groups. The first group ate a healthy breakfast, the second group drank some drinks, and the third group did not eat anything. Then monitor and observe for several hours. The results showed that the non breakfast group showed poor memory and high fatigue. So skipping breakfast can lower your body’s energy level and have a negative effect on your memory.

Healthy breakfast recipe: 6667

recipe: 1

buy: steamed bread, soybean milk, dried tofu, salted duck egg, fresh orange.

preparation: heat two steamed buns, cut salted duck eggs in half, eat half of them, put 50g dried tofu on a plate, cut fresh orange, and serve with 250ml soybean milk.

recipe 2

buy: sandwich bread, meat floss, peanut butter, breakfast milk, tomato.

preparation: take two slices of sandwich bread, spread a small spoonful of peanut butter on one slice, spread about 20 grams of meat floss on the other slice, and add a tomato slice in the middle. The milk consumption is 250 ml.

recipes 3

buy: whole wheat bread, sausage, yogurt, eggs and cucumbers.

production: take two to three slices of whole wheat bread, boiled eggs, and then take 1 / 2 of cucumber cut into small strips and add a little salt, with a sausage, drink 200 ml yogurt.

Recipe 4

buy: hamburger bread, cheese, jam, breakfast milk, nutritional cereal, kiwi fruit.

production: hamburger bread cut in half, spread a small spoonful of jam, add two pieces of cheese in the middle; A slice of kiwi fruit can be added to bread or eaten directly. Pour the milk into the cup and drink with proper amount of nutritious cereal.

recipe 5

buy: bean paste bag, soybean milk, sufu, egg, apple.

preparation: heat two adzuki bean sandbags, boil the eggs, take a small amount of sufu, and serve with soybean milk and apple. 250 ml soybean milk.

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