Notes on eating carrots

Note on eating carrots

note on eating carrots

don’t exceed 200g

don’t eat too many carrots. Don’t exceed 200g on average every day. Because eating too much food containing carotene will make your skin yellow! People who don’t know will think they are incurable. The principle of this phenomenon is that if you eat too many carrots, a large amount of carotene can not be quickly converted into vitamin A in the small intestinal mucosal cells, which will lead to the increase of carotene level absorbed into the blood, making the yellow pigment settle in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, thus making the skin yellowing. This phenomenon is called carotenemia.

but it’s not serious. It’s not bad for your health. As long as you stop eating this kind of yellow food for a while, and then wait a few days, carotene will be discharged from the body, and your skin color will recover.

how to eat the best

because carotene is fat soluble vitamins, can only be dissolved in oil, and then in the small intestinal mucosa, into vitamin A, absorbed by the human body. This is a widely spread saying, and a lot of oil fried carrots, taste good, let this practice deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

in fact, however, this is not the best practice. Because adding oil and frying at high temperature will cause a great loss of carotene, which can only retain 75% – 80% of the nutrients. On the contrary, steaming carrots or blanching carrots in boiling water can preserve 90% of & beta; Carotene. Moreover, the nutrition of fried carrots with heavy oil is integrated into the oil, so customers can only choose to give up the carotene in the oil, or eat too much oil for the sake of carotene, which will also cause the secondary loss of nutrition.

research results from many countries show that to help the human body absorb carotene, it only needs a little heating, and intake of more than 2 grams of oil on the same day (within 6 hours) is enough. Or raw carrots pressed into juice, when eating other meat as a drink, is also a very healthy choice.

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