Notes on eating garlic

Precautions for eating garlic

benefits of eating garlic

through animal experiments and human clinical observation, scientists have obtained strong evidence that garlic and its extract can inhibit the occurrence and progress of various human tumors, especially gastric cancer. A case-control study conducted in Vaud, Switzerland from 1992 to 1997 showed that garlic intake was negatively correlated with the prevalence of colorectal cancer; A case-control study conducted in 1987-1991 different ethnic groups in Hawaii over the past two years showed that the risk of breast cancer decreased with the increase of garlic intake. The prevalence of prostate cancer was lower in those who ate garlic more than twice a week than those who never ate garlic; The survey in Shandong Province also showed that the risk of gastric cancer of people who eat more garlic is reduced by 60%.

precautions for eating garlic

although garlic has such a powerful function in disease prevention and treatment, it is by no means the more you eat, the better. There are many precautions for eating garlic:

1, do not eat on an empty stomach. Because when eating on an empty stomach, garlic may damage the gastric mucosa, causing acute gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

2. Don’t eat in large quantities for a long time. Excessive allicin will weaken the function of intestinal peristalsis and cause constipation. In addition, garlic can kill bacteria as well as probiotics. Take 1-3 cloves a day.

3. It’s best to eat it raw. Because the allicin in garlic is afraid of heat, it decomposes when it is heated, which reduces the germicidal efficacy. When you eat it raw, you must chop it first, otherwise some effective components of garlic will not be released, which will reduce the efficacy. Therefore, the best way to eat is to mix garlic with vegetables.

4, patients with hepatitis and ophthalmopathy eating garlic may make the disease symptoms more serious.

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