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popcorn crisp and easy to digest, is a daily delicious snack, but also an indispensable snack when watching movies, according to the preference to choose the proportion of oil, sugar, popcorn at home, not only fast and simple, but also enjoy the fun of popcorn Oh ~ let’s have a look.

The oil and corn kernels of fried corn are usually 1:1 (for people with less oil orientation, the oil can be reduced), and then sprinkled with favorite seasoning powder or sauce, you can eat it! Want to eat Caramel taste, stir fry corn, add sugar together, become Caramel taste, do not need to add cream is good crisp! 1. Sugar free popcorn:


1. Corn kernels: 50g (dry, can be taken to the sun)

2. Vegetable oil: 10g (this portion is less oil)


. Hot pot: open the middle fire, pick up the pot, let the pot around close to the fire source, average temperature

2 When two or three corn kernels burst, cover the pan with the lid

4. You can hear the corn burst beep

✱ in order to avoid uneven heating of corn, you still need to shake the pan at this time. After about 15-20 seconds, you can turn off the fire

5, When there is no sound, you can open the lid

6. The original popcorn is good ~ put it in the container

✱ if you like to eat salty or sweet, you can add powder to taste. You can also add chocolate sauce in the container. When the original popcorn is still in the pot, pour in chocolate sauce and stir fry until well mixed.

2、 Caramel flavored popcorn:


1. Corn kernels: 50g

2. Vegetable oil: 10g

3. Sugar: 50g (people with less sugar orientation can reduce the amount)


1. After hot pot, Turn down the heat and pour in the oil

2. Pour in the corn kernels and stir fry continuously. After about 15 seconds, add sugar and continue to stir fry

3. When there are 2 or 3 corn kernels, cover the pan with

4. Hear the beep (still shake the pan at this time, and turn off the fire after about 15-20 seconds).

5. When there is no sound, open the cover

6 Another way to stir fry Caramel popcorn:


1. Stir fry sugar: add about 30g oil into the pot, add 50g sugar, stir fry until the sugar particles disappear, then turn off the fire (stir change from a to d)

2, When it’s cold, you can use your hand to remove

original and seasoned popcorn, which has less crispness; The caramel popcorn is more crispy in the second way (fried with sugar). It can also be stored in a glass jar, and it will still be crispy the next day!

NewNet red popcorn

chocolate popcorn

the rich chocolate powder is wrapped on the sugar coated popcorn on average, and every mouthful feels the strong chocolate aroma, coupled with the crisp taste of popcorn itself, What’s more, it’s unforgettable. It’s known as a good advanced version. Those who love chocolate must not miss it.

strawberry popcorn

sweet strawberry powder gives off bursts of strawberry fragrance, light sweet strawberry flavor with crisp popcorn, strawberry fragrance immediately fills the whole taste bud, so that you can taste the sweet and crisp taste of strawberry in every bite. The combination of the two is really impeccable, and this taste is widely praised by female consumers. As a female, you must come to taste it.

Mustard popcorn

spicy mustard powder sprinkled on the crispy popcorn, looks ordinary appearance, but full of surprise. As soon as you enter, you will feel the choking smell of mustard, and it will rush to your head, followed by the taste of pepper and salt combined with popcorn in your mouth. The unique taste is impressive, and you must not miss it if you like to eat mustard and try to stimulate your taste. In August 2014, I saw the Japanese research on Laoganma popcorn on Japan’s Cookpad: 1. Put the popcorn into the pot with corn, add butter, and cover it with a small fire. 2. After hearing the sound of ping-pong, change the fire to make popcorn at one go. 3. Turn off the fire, sprinkle salt while it’s hot, and mix well with old Ganma.

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