Often eat these foods cause three high!

eat these foods often cause three high!

1, high salt food

, in order to pursue stronger taste stimulation, many people in life have become heavy tasters in diet. Add a lot of seasoning to the food to feel delicious; In addition, a large amount of sodium salt is added to all kinds of snacks. When the body takes in a large amount of sodium, it will adhere to the water molecules and penetrate into the cells. As a result, the cells become larger and the vascular lumen becomes narrower due to the expansion of cells, which directly leads to the increase of blood pressure. In the long run, hypertension is inevitable.

, high sugar food,

rich and varied desserts, various tastes of beverages are the favorite of many people. Excessive sugar intake will not only cause high blood sugar, but also cause obesity, increase the incidence of hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

3, high fat food

many people practice the creed of no meat but no pleasure in their diet. In order to satisfy their appetite, they eat a lot of greasy food, which will lead to the increase of cholesterol and triglyceride in blood for a long time, leading to high blood lipid; In addition, they also adhere to the wall of blood vessels, resulting in narrowing of the vascular cavity, leading to the emergence of hypertension.

how to prevent three highs?

1, develop good eating habits

good or bad eating habits will determine your health, the elderly must develop regular eating habits, eat regularly and quantitatively, do not eat greedy, try to choose low salt, low fat, low sugar food. Three meals a day, regular quantitative, can be appropriate control, reduce the burden of islets, avoid overeating. The elderly should be very careful in the choice of food, not careless, to light, low-fat, low sugar, low protein food, try to reduce the intake of sweets or carbohydrates.

2, regular physical examination to the hospital

regular physical examination is a good choice, this method can not only accurately check whether there is a disease; Three high & quot; It can also screen other diseases of the body, once the disease is found, it can be contained in time to achieve unexpected results and reduce the risk of disease treatment; Three high & quot; Prevention and treatment are of great significance. Regular physical examination can help the elderly to have a more comprehensive understanding of their own health.

3, weight control

if you are overweight, it will lead to & lt; Three high & quot; The incidence rate is higher. If your body weight exceeds the normal standard, we should implement weight loss plan, eat less and exercise more, and prevent &ldquo. Three high & quot; Invade your body. Weight control to a certain extent, not only good for health, but also make life easier and more convenient for the elderly.

4, quitting smoking and drinking

smoking and drinking are also trigger factors; Three high & quot; Smoking can aggravate arteriosclerosis, cause vasospasm and so on. At the same time, drinking should be reduced as much as possible. Drinking can lead to high blood pressure, so we should prevent it; Three high & quot; You have to stop smoking and drinking.

5, keep a peace of mind

, learn to adjust the state of mind, control emotions, release mental pressure. If long-term high nervous tension and emotional excitement, it is likely to cause hypertension or other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The old people should learn to keep the peace of mind and learn the spirit of Ah Q in order to live happily and be healthy.

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