Olive oil not only has high nutritional value, but also has many wonderful functions in daily life.

olive oil is made from fresh olive fruit by direct cold pressing. Without heating and chemical treatment, it retains natural nutrients. It is considered to be the most suitable for human nutrition among the oils found so far! Olive oil not only has high nutritional value, but also has a lot of anti-bacterial ointment, such as olive oil, lavender, tea tree and Calendula DIY, which is natural and affordable.

2, eczema repair

the moisturizing and moisturizing function of olive oil is very good. If you have dry skin, it will be a very natural moisturizer to relieve the symptoms of various skin diseases.

3 Diaper rash repair

baby’s skin is sensitive and fragile. I’m worried that there are too many chemical ingredients in the products on the market. It’s better to replace it with olive oil. It can effectively moisturize the baby’s butt, Prevent diaper rash and other discomfort.

4, lip exfoliation

will be a spoonful of coarse-grained sugar added to olive oil, stir evenly, is the most natural lip exfoliation products, if you like, you can also add a little lemon juice, help the metabolism of old waste cutin, in addition to the lips, you can increase the amount and proportion, for the whole body exfoliation is also very good yo!

5 Heel repair

friends who often wear high-heeled shoes often wear and crack their heels. After exfoliation, apply some olive oil to speed up the repair, soften the skin, and return a pair of soft and beautiful feet. In addition, I’d like to offer you a little skill. If you apply olive oil before going to bed and put on socks to go to bed, it will improve significantly the next morning.

6, eye makeup remover

many people think that oil based makeup removers can promote acne. This is actually a wrong concept. The main reason for acne is that the cleaning is not thorough enough. Olive oil can fully absorb waterproof and anti dizzy makeup, and achieve deep makeup remover. It can also moisturize fragile skin while removing makeup, Remember to use the pH balanced face washing product to clean after removing makeup!

7 We don’t need to spend any more money to buy hair care oil. Most of the products on the market are added with chemical spices, which are harmful to human body. After washing your hair, lightly apply a few drops of olive oil on the end of the hair, which is the most natural and non additive hair care product. You will find that your hair presents a natural luster, not tangled and easy to comb.

8, clean make-up brush

the brush used every day accumulates a lot of residual makeup and dirt. First, dissolve the residual makeup with olive oil, and then use & lt; Neutral detergent & quot; Clean, so that you can clean it without damaging the brush!

9 The ancients often used olive oil as hair care products. Just heat olive oil in microwave oven or hot water, massage it gently on the scalp or hair tail, and let it stand for about 10-20 minutes, After that, you can do the following shampoo procedure.

10, finger edge repair

. If you want to speed up the growth of your nails, you may as well massage them with olive oil. It can make your nails strong and soft. If you like, you can dip your fingers into a small pot filled with olive oil and give your nails an olive oil spa!

11 Ear wax cleaning care

if you have the problem of ear wax accumulation, you can drop a little olive oil into your ears every 3-4 days before going to bed, which has a good effect on cleaning care.

12, when the hair is removed with

, the hair is just used up? It doesn’t matter, just apply a thin layer of olive oil! It’s the most natural lubricant. It can remove hair and moisturize at the same time. It’s very suitable to replace the foam removal!

I didn’t expect olive oil to have such wonderful effects! I won’t just eat foolishly any more!

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