One day’s work starts with sorting out the worktable. Five tips for sorting out the worktable

the worktable is in a mess. If you can’t find it, you can’t find it. If you’re not careful, you’ll make a meal out of the water cup& hellip; Messy state, not only will seriously affect work efficiency, but also affect the mood, it is easy to be irritable ~ so it is necessary to create a clean and tidy workbench for yourself. Let’s start now. Where can we start? Let’s have a look with you.

Five tips for desk arrangement:

1. Leave only necessities on the desktop

. Leave only winter necessities on the desktop: computer, one or two pens, what you can get at hand; post it”、 A phone, documents or materials that will be used within 2 days, all other things can be put into the folder or received in the drawer.

2. The spare pens, erasers, clips, paper clips and staplers, which are used every day but are very fragmentary, must be put in one drawer, It’s better to put a storage compartment that can be divided into different areas, so that there won’t be a mess in the drawer.

3. It’s a convenient and practical way to make use of the upper space instead of the space in front of you by making proper use of the wall and working partition

. Write to do list on the whiteboard; Don’t stick notes everywhere. It’s better to put them in a small area; There are also some unusual but important things that can be hung on the partition at the back, so that you can look up and see the space will not be very chaotic.

4. Do not be overconfident in your memory. Whether it’s paper documents or computer documents, they should be put into the folder as soon as they are finished, and the unused copy version in the USB flash drive should be deleted, The useless ones are put into the shredder. Don’t think & lt; I’ll clean up later;, You can’t start with more and more files.

5. Before leaving work, summarize

10 minutes before leaving work every day, pack up all the things on the work station in advance, and return them to the original flavor. When you come the next morning, you can immediately enter the new work, rather than rush to clean up the workbench.

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