One of the most important facilities in family kitchens is how to dredge the kitchen pipe blockage (

). Boiling water to cook, washing dishes, people almost all day without the sink. However, due to the ignorance of pipeline care, many families habitually pour leftovers, frying waste oil, etc. into the bowl trough pipeline when cleaning bowls and utensils. Unknowingly, it leads to the kitchen drainage pipe wall full of oil and waste. Kitchen pipe blockage is a headache for housewives. If the blockage area is shallow, try the following tips. If the hot water method doesn’t work, find a long hard wire and make a hook tool to solve the problem of shallow blockage. Sometimes, some problems can be solved by using the drain pipe dredger to pump back and forth pressure on the bowl groove drain. 2. Hot water flushing method

it is the most common method to flush the pipeline with a large amount of hot water, which is economical and convenient. Specific measures: plug the drain hole with the dishcloth, turn on the hot water tap, and quickly pull out the dishcloth after half full of water. Under the action of the principle of air pressure, the water can be quickly poured into the pipeline.

3. Chemical cleaning agent method

if the above methods are not effective, special pipeline cleaning agent can be considered for decontamination. At present, there are many cleaning products for kitchen pipes on the market, including liquid and powder. However, due to the corrosive effect of the cleaning agent, the instructions of the product should be strictly followed in the process of use. Therefore, when choosing chemical cleaning agents, you need to carefully read whether the decontamination products are suitable for home equipment. In order to protect the environment, you can also make some environmentally friendly cleaning agents to clean the pipeline. For example, neutralize and stir the same amount of baking soda and acetic acid, and pour them into the pipeline to remove a lot of dirt.

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