One week fast diet

obesity not only brings heavy burden to people’s body, but also affects people’s health. Obese people tend to walk and run slower than thin people. Because it carries dozens of pounds more than thin people. And obesity is also prone to high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So for obese people to take weight loss methods. Do you have a quick diet for a week?

weight loss is not a day or two to lose weight, weight loss is to adhere to the long-term will be effective. The most taboo way to lose weight is to fish for three days and sun the net for two days. So weight loss is required to be able to persevere, to find the right way to lose weight. Let’s talk about the fast diet for a week.

first day tomato bean curd bean sprout soup

ingredients: 1 red tomato (about 100g), half box of North bean curd (about 100g), 50g bean sprout, a little coriander

seasoning: 2 spoonfuls of salt


1, wash tomato and cut into small pieces, bean sprout to root, wash, coriander wash and cut into sections.

2, pot put water, tofu pieces, boil for 5 minutes, add tomato pieces, bean sprouts slightly cooked, salt seasoning, sprinkle parsley section can.

slimming effect: this soup is low-fat and delicious, slimming and beauty, you might as well eat more.

the next day corn whisker chrysanthemum porridge

materials: 10g corn whisker, 10g chrysanthemum, 200g rice

seasoning: 1 teaspoon salt


1, soak the fresh corn with warm water and rinse it clean. Chrysanthemum pedicel, take off the petals, wash. The rice is washed clean.

2. Pour water and corn whiskers into the pot. After boiling for 10 minutes, remove the corn whiskers. Add rice and cook until porridge is formed. Then add salt, chrysanthemum and corn whiskers and bring to a boil.

slimming effect: take fresh or dry corn whiskers, the same with chrysanthemum, boiling water into corn whisker chrysanthemum tea, its drainage diuretic, lipid-lowering weight loss, the effect of excretion of toxins in the body is also very good.

the third day oatmeal porridge

materials: 200 grams of oatmeal


pot on fire, into the right amount of water, add oatmeal, boil with low heat until oatmeal cooked rotten, thick can.

slimming effect: oatmeal porridge can make people feel full for a long time and control the desire to eat. It can also lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, maintain intestinal health, and help dieters control appetite.

ingredients: 1 grass carp (take the middle), 10g agaric fungus, 50g Guangdong cabbage. Seasoning: 2 tbsp salad oil, 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp cooking wine, a little dry starch, water starch, green onion, ginger. Method:

1, clean grass carp, slice, dip in dry starch and smooth with warm oil; Soak and wash Auricularia auricula; Guangdong vegetable heart choose to wash clean; Cut green onion and ginger.

2. Heat salad oil in the pan, add green onion and ginger, saute until fragrant, add fish fillets, agaric and cabbage, stir well, add salt, cooking wine, water, starch and thicken.

slimming effect: grass carp meat is tender, high protein, low fat, low calorie, rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids, not only delicious, but also can prevent obesity, beauty and anti-aging. Auricularia auricula is a kind of healthy black food, which has first-class effect in removing toxins from the body. Guangdong cabbage is rich in crude fiber, clearing intestines and reducing fat. Eating this dish often can not only supplement nutrition, but also make you non-toxic and light. Ingredients: 1 sponge gourd, 1 box of tofu, 50g Flammulina velutipes, 1 section of green onion

seasoning: 1 tbsp salad oil, 1 tbsp Lake powder, 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp chicken essence, 1 tbsp sesame oil


1, peel towel gourd, wash, cut into hob pieces; Cut tofu into cubes, blanch it in boiling water, and drain it; Chop the green onion.

2. Heat the salad oil in the pot, saute the scallion until fragrant, stir fry the sponge gourd, tofu and Flammulina velutipes, add salt and chicken essence to taste, pour in the lake powder to thicken, and pour in the sesame oil.

slimming effect: the mucus and saponins in Luffa are conducive to defecation, with low calorie and rich B vitamins and minerals, which is the best food for slimming people. With tofu and Flammulina velutipes, it tastes delicious, smooth, tender and refreshing. It can also beautify and beautify!

sixth day celery two rice porridge

materials: Celery 100g, rice 100g, millet 100g


1, wash celery, cut into small sections; Rice. Millet washed clean.

2, heat the pot, add appropriate amount of water, add rice and millet to cook porridge, first boil with high heat, then cook with low heat for 20 minutes, add celery section and cook for 5 minutes.

slimming effect: celery is a super slimming food with low calorie and rich in crude fiber. It can help intestinal peristalsis, promote intestinal fat excretion, reduce the absorption of fat in food, prevent obesity, and effectively control the occurrence of primary hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Ingredients: 150g celery, 150g cuttlefish, a little scallion, red pepper and yellow pepper. Seasoning: 1 tbsp salad oil, 1 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp chicken essence. Method:

1, wash celery and cut into sections; Remove the internal organs of cuttlefish, wash them, cut them into sections, blanch them in boiling water and drain them.

2, pot into salad oil cooked, add scallion saute incense, add celery section stir fry a few times, then add cuttlefish flower, red pepper, yellow pepper stir fry well, finally add salt, chicken essence seasoning, mix well, plate.

slimming effect: celery can clean the intestines, beauty slimming, cuttlefish low fat, low calorie, high protein content, can supplement the nutrition needed by the human body during the slimming period, the two match, many times is no harm.

a week fast diet is not to say how much you can lose in a week, that is to remind us that we need to make unremitting efforts to lose weight. If you want to lose weight successfully, you must follow the above diet every week, so that you can lose weight quickly. In fact, weight loss is also suitable for people, maybe some people are suitable for this method, maybe some people are suitable for other weight loss methods. No matter which way to lose weight, the most important thing is to stick to it.

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