Only in this way can we have a healthy takeout

Taking out is convenient, but there are hidden health risks: first, in order to pursue taste, many restaurants use a lot of oil and salt when cooking dishes, and long-term consumption will increase the risk of chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and hypertension; Second, most takeout do not consider the basic nutrition collocation, the food type is single, and the proportion is not reasonable, which may induce malnutrition. Therefore, consider taking out these & lt; Congenital deficiency;, Long term consumption is not recommended. If you have to order takeout, how can you eat a little healthier?

1, need less oil dishes. At

o’clock takeout, many people prefer dry cooking and dry frying. As everyone knows, they are all heavy oil and salt dishes, which need a lot of oil in the cooking process. Restaurant oil is often used repeatedly, which is not good for health. Therefore, it is suggested that you order less or no fried or greased dishes. Cooking, blanching and stir frying are the best choices.

2, dishes at least one meat one vegetarian.

a dish with a bowl of rice is the most common takeaway. Some people like to eat meat, just order a braised spareribs; Some people like to eat vegetarians, often order vegetable fried cabbage, no matter what kind of dishes, alone with staple food with nutritional defects. Therefore, we must pay attention to the collocation of meat and vegetables when ordering takeout. We should have both meat and vegetables. If we don’t like meat, we can use eggs instead. If you can’t finish one meat and one vegetable, it’s recommended to order a half meat and half vegetable dish, such as fried shredded pork with green pepper and scrambled eggs with tomato.

3, the staple food is rice and steamed bread.

oil cake, fried flour, fried rice. These kinds of staple food are often ordered by people. They are high in oil, salt or sugar. They often have one or two characteristics. As take away dishes are inevitably rich in oil, salt and polysaccharide, so in the choice of staple food, try to choose rice and steamed bread with simple method and light taste, or dumplings and steamed buns with plain stuffing and mixed stuffing of meat and vegetable. If you can add some original sweet potato, corn, taro and other cereals in the staple food, it is the best.


if you want to solve the problem of single type of takeaway food, the most practical way is to bring some fruits and vegetables suitable for raw food, such as cucumber, cherry fruit, apple, etc. When eating, take your own fruits and vegetables as cold dishes. After dinner, if you can eat some nuts such as walnuts, it will be more perfect.

5, noodles, rice noodles with vegetables.

noodles and rice noodles are also popular takeout. Generally speaking, noodles, rice noodles will add a few pieces of meat and a few pieces of vegetable leaves, it seems that the food is rich, but in fact the nutrition is single. Because a bowl of noodles or rice noodles are mainly carbohydrates, the quantity of meat and vegetables is too small compared with the normal dietary requirements, especially vegetables, which are usually just embellishments, resulting in insufficient nutrition intake in a meal. Therefore, if you order noodles or rice noodles, remember to add vegetables separately.

6, storage technology must be guaranteed. When

o’clock takeout, it is best to choose those restaurants that deliver timely and have certain storage and preservation conditions, such as using sealed fresh-keeping boxes to hold dishes, using low-temperature cold chain distribution, etc. These measures help to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and avoid food borne diseases.

7, Chinese restaurants are relatively healthy than foreign fast food.

generally speaking, many Chinese restaurants have relatively healthy food choices, such as cold dishes, Scalded Vegetables and other dishes with less oil, millet porridge, corn paste and other cereals, soybean milk, tea and other sugar free drinks. In addition to fried food, white rice flour staple food and sweet drinks, there is no other choice in foreign fast food, so it is unlikely to have a relatively healthy take out match.

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