Orange peel has many wonderful functions in daily life. Don’t throw it away any more

. I believe everyone has seen orange peel, and most people throw it away as garbage. However, today I will tell you some of the wonderful functions of orange peel. I believe you won’t throw it away after watching it.

The daily magic of orange peel

1, prevention of carsickness, The skin will spray out a few strands of small orange oil mist, the inhalation of nostrils. After getting on the car, continue to squeeze and inhale at any time, which can effectively prevent carsickness.

2, skillful treatment of chilblain

scorch the orange peel with fire, grind it into powder, mix it evenly with vegetable oil, and apply it on the affected area.

3, clever treatment of chronic bronchitis

orange peel 5 to 15 grams, water when tea, commonly used.

4, skillful treatment of cough

use 5 grams of dried orange peel, add 2 cups of water to decoct the soup, put a small amount of ginger and brown sugar, take while it is hot: you can also take an appropriate amount of fresh orange peel, cut it up, brew it with boiling water, add white sugar instead of tea, which has the effect of resolving phlegm and relieving cough.


, fresh orange peel 12g or dry orange peel 6G, decoction can treat constipation.

6 Qiaojiejiu

with fresh orange peel 30g, add a little salt Decoction drink, sobering effect is quite good.

7, Qiaozhi sleep molars

10 minutes before going to bed, mouth with a piece of orange peel, and then sleep, it is best not to spit out the orange peel, if you feel not timely, spit out again.

8, prevent teeth skillfully; Acid pour & quot;

sour orange is not suitable for the elderly or those with tooth allergy. In fact, as long as after eating sour orange, that is, with the rest of the fresh orange peel bubble boiling water to drink, you can prevent teeth; Acid pour & quot;.

9, Qiaozhi mastitis

raw orange peel 30g, licorice 6G, decoction drink, can treat mastitis.

10 and

can cure halitosis by putting a small piece of orange peel in your mouth or chewing a small piece of fresh orange peel.

5. Orange peel vegetables: after eating oranges, collect the fresh orange peel, clean it, soak it in water for 2 days, then cut it into shreds, and then marinate it with white sugar for 20 days. It becomes a very delicious dish. It not only tastes sweet and refreshing, but also has the effect of antialcoholism.

6. Tangerine peel: clean the fresh tangerine peel, remove the base and rotten parts, wash it with clean water, drain it, cut it into small pieces with a knife, and then soak it in honey or sugar for 20 days. It can be used as stuffing for sweet food such as sugar packets and dumplings. It tastes fresh and sweet.

7. Spiced orange peel: soak the clean orange peel in clean water for one day and night, remove the stalk, head and moldy parts, squeeze it dry, put it in the boiling water pot and boil for 30-40 minutes, then squeeze out the water to drain, and then cut it into 1cm square pieces. According to the proportion of 500g wet orange peel and 20g salt, boil it in the pot for another 30 minutes. After taking out, sprinkle a layer of licorice powder while wet, Every 500 grams with about 15 grams of licorice powder, after drying that is sweet, fragrant, sour, salty and slightly bitter five spice tangerine peel. It has a long taste and a therapeutic effect.

8. Marmalade: marmalade is made from marmalade, both fresh and dry. First, wash the orange peel with water, put it into the pot, add water and boil it for a few minutes, then pour out the water, add new water and boil it for a few minutes, do this for 3-4 times, until the bitter taste of orange peel water is not too heavy. Then squeeze the orange peel dry with hand or cloth, and chop it into pieces with a knife. The more broken the better. It’s better if you can grind it with a meat grinder. Put the chopped tangerine peel into the pot again, add appropriate amount of brown sugar, white sugar and saccharin according to the amount of tangerine peel, add a little water, boil it and simmer it into a thick paste, then the tangerine jam will be good.

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