Oranges are full of treasures. Did you use them correctly?

oranges are full of treasures, are you using them correctly?

1, deep cleansing with orange juice

wipe the face skin with orange juice soaked in a facial towel, and wash it with water after 5 minutes. It can not only remove makeup, but also thoroughly clean the dirt and grease on the face, giving full play to the deep cleansing effect. Sensitive skin can also rest assured to use, but try to avoid sunlight after skin cleaning, in order to prevent skin darkening.

2, salt orange juice supplement physical strength

drink orange juice after exercise, rich fructose can quickly supplement physical strength, and can be thirsty and refreshing. Special attention should be paid to that orange juice should be drunk immediately after being squeezed, otherwise the oxygen in the air will make its vitamin C content decrease rapidly. Add a little salt, the effect of supplementing physical strength is more obvious.

3, orange seed powder for rheumatism

put the air dried orange seeds into the pot to fry, try not to fry, but fry the oil separately. Beat the fried orange seeds into powder, take them with boiling water, 3g-5g each time, and drink after meals. Long term adherence can treat rheumatism to a certain extent.

, orange seed mask compact skin

put two teaspoon orange seeds into a powder mixer, mixed with distilled water to make paste mask, 5 minutes to 10 minutes after washing. Apply once or twice a week, can improve the skin capillary resistance, achieve the purpose of tightening the skin.

5, orange flap eye mask replenishing eye water

cut orange flap into thin slices to use as eye mask, and gently press with fingers to help absorption, which can promote blood circulation, effectively replenish eye water and achieve moisturizing effect.

6, orange petal salad enhance immunity

orange petal contains almost all the nutrients that fruits can provide, which can enhance human immunity, promote the recovery of the disease, accelerate wound healing, and supplement dietary fiber.

7, orange peel sachet can hypnotize and repel mosquitoes

. The sachet is made of orange peel wrapped in plain cloth and placed beside the pillow. It not only has hypnotic effect, but also repels mosquitoes. Put into the toilet, kitchen or refrigerator, you can get rid of the smell, keep the air fresh.

8, orange peel frosting to remove dead skin

slice the fresh orange with skin, put it into gauze, and directly rub it on rough parts such as elbow, knee, heel to remove dead skin and horniness. At the same time, orange peel is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, which can promote skin metabolism and improve skin capillary resistance.

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