Organic vegetable standard

now, with the quality of life getting better and better, many people’s pursuit of life is higher and higher. Nowadays, many people want to eat organic vegetables, thinking that organic vegetables are more nutritious, nutritious and healthy. When it comes to the benefits of organic vegetables, what’s the standard of organic vegetables? It’s estimated that few people know about this. They just know that organic vegetables are good.

what’s good about organic vegetables? We need to know that there is a standard for the qualitative determination of organic vegetables, but we haven’t understood it. What I want to talk about today is the standard of organic vegetables. You can learn it.

organic agriculture and organic vegetables

organic agriculture follows the natural law and ecological principle, coordinates the balance between planting and breeding, adopts a series of sustainable agricultural technologies, promotes biodiversity, and emphasizes “harmony with natural order”. Organic agriculture is one of the good ways to solve the problem of food safety. Since the 1920s, European countries first proposed organic food. After decades of practice and development, organic food has gradually attracted the attention of governments in various countries. Organic food has become the fashion of people’s consumption in western developed countries. The organic food development center of the State Environmental Protection Administration was established in 1994. Organic agriculture has developed rapidly in the past ten years.

organic vegetables

organic vegetables are part of organic agriculture. They must be certified by the national specialized agencies. According to the principles of organic agriculture, they have absorbed the essence of traditional agriculture for thousands of years. Combined with the characteristics of vegetable crops, they emphasize that the use of synthetic fertilizers is prohibited in the whole production process because of the principle of farming according to suitable conditions. Natural materials and environment-friendly farming methods are used to restore the natural circulation and balance of material and energy in horticultural production system. Through the selection of crop varieties, crop rotation, intercropping and interplanting, and the supporting application of water resources management and cultivation methods for leisure cultivation, an ecological environment shared by all human beings is created. Therefore, the cultivation of organic vegetables requires more labor and more intensive technology, intensive cultivation, large amount of work and low yield, but organic vegetables are far away from pollution, high quality and natural. At present, there are few organic vegetable production bases and few products. Organic vegetables have become the fashion of gift dishes.

I just want you to introduce the information about the organic vegetable standard. I hope you can keep it in mind after reading it. If you want to choose organic vegetables to eat, you need to know what kind of organic vegetables are. It’s not that other people say organic vegetables are organic vegetables. We need to know this knowledge to get real organic vegetables.

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