Other functions of salt: some special uses of salt in addition to cooking

salt is very common and common in our life. Do you know some special uses of salt? Let’s take a look at some other practical life tips about salt in the life tips.

other functions of salt: salt has some special uses in addition to cooking

1. If you eat too much watermelon, your stomach will swell. You can take a small amount of salt and swallow it. It will disappear in a moment.

2. When suffering from cold and stomachache, stir fry 2 jin of salt and wrap it with cloth. Heat the stomach by turns repeatedly. The analgesic effect is very good.

3. This book of common sense tells us that if you are bitten by snakes and insects, you can stabilize the symptoms by frying concentrated salt water and rubbing the affected area several times.

4, acute gastroenteritis vomiting, diarrhea, salt in the diet to increase some, is conducive to the protection of gastrointestinal organs.

5. This common sense of life refers to women’s dysmenorrhea. There are not a few women with dysmenorrhea due to cold. Today, I’d like to share with you that due to cold dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea or postpartum abdominal pain, fried salt is wrapped with cloth and applied to the navel, which has a significant effect.

6. Newborn sores and boils, itching, chewing salt and wiping, immediately become peaceful. Bath with salt water, frostbite can also relieve itching.

7. Patients with rosacea often use refined salt to wipe the red nose, several times a day, and get better after a long time.

8. Pour a little salt water into the flowerpot, the color of the flowers will be more bright, and the opening time will be longer.

9. Drinking some salt and water before singing can prevent dry and hoarse voice.

10. Put some salt in the bath water to treat skin diseases.

11. Eating poisonous food by mistake and drinking salt water have detoxification effect.

12. When washing your hair, rinse it with 5% salt water first, and then rub it with shampoo to make your hair soft and shiny.

13. Vegetables and fruits to be eaten raw. Soak in 15% salt water for 20 minutes to sterilize.

14. If you sweat too much in summer, add some salt in your tea to quench your thirst and supplement the lack of salt in your body to prevent heatstroke.

15. When you have a headache, wipe your tongue with salt and drink some salt boiled water at the same time. Headache can be alleviated.

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