Password lock forget password how to do? The principle of password lock is

Password lock forget password how to do? The principle of password lock

the principle of password lock

multi dial type

the simplest password lock is commonly used in single car lock with low security setting and uses multiple dial rings. There is a concave position in the middle of each circle. A shaft in the center of a lock with several protruding teeth to hold the ring. When the dial circle is turned to the correct password combination, the lock can be opened. This kind of lock is the easiest to open. Many of these locks can be opened without knowing the password. Unless its internal components are perfect, just pull the shaft outward, one of the teeth will tighten the ring more than the others. At this time, rotate the tensioned ring until you hear a small “click”, indicating that the tooth has entered the correct concave position. Repeat this step, and you will soon be able to open the lock.

single turntable type

password lock used in padlock or box can be only one turntable. The turntable pushes several balance discs or cams behind. Traditionally, when opening the lock, turn the turntable clockwise to the first number, and then turn the turntable counterclockwise to the second number until the last number. There is usually a concave position on the cam. When the correct password is turned in, you can form a straight line and the lock can be opened. This kind of password lock is more secure, but it is not perfect. For example, some password padlocks can tighten the lock head, and then turn the turntable until it can no longer move, so that the password can be found out. There is also a special relationship between the numbers of some turntable password locks, which greatly reduces the possibility of password combination. Cheap password padlocks can be opened with special linings without the use of passwords. The cipher lock structure used on the box is relatively tight. An experienced locksmith can use the receiver to listen carefully to the sound of the cam in the lock and judge the possible password while rotating the turntable.

password lock forget password how to do?

first shine a strong flashlight on a gear of the combination lock, and at the same time slowly move the gear. At this time, you should observe carefully, and you will find that when you turn to a certain position, there will be a gap under the gear, and the gap will generally move to the left. Sure enough, when turning to the number 6, there was a small gap under the gear. The second and third gear numbers are & lt; 6”。

to do this step, more than half of the success, next to remember a formula. According to experts, the number corresponding to the gap is not a password. It needs to be based on these numbers; Add 3& ldquo; Add 8 & quot; Or & lt; Minus 5 & quot;, There are three common rules to keep single digits when two digits appear. The reporter tried to figure out the number of the trunk gap; 6”、& ldquo; 6”、& ldquo; 6”, Respectively & lt; Add 3;, Get & quot; 9”、& ldquo; 9”、& ldquo; 9”, Press & lt; Push” Key, the password lock was successfully opened.

of course, experts also said that there are some special suitcases, which are not unlocked according to this formula. At this time, we have to be patient and try it slowly. We just need to add the 10 numbers of 0-9 once, but we can’t do it. If we subtract them again, we can turn them on 20 times at most. In fact, the effect of adding and subtracting the number from the notch under the gear is the same, so you can do it 10 times at most, which is much faster than trying like a headless fly.

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