Pay attention to these points to avoid getting fat!

pay attention to these points to avoid getting fat!

white collar men to avoid obesity, the best way is to exercise and diet, usually free to do more exercise in the gym, you can also take more walks, running and so on.

in the diet, male friends had better pay attention to the following points:

1, eat more fresh fruit

, fresh fruit contains a lot of water, can have a strong sense of satiety, and the high fiber can help moisten the intestines, have the function of defecation, can play an effective effect of detoxification and weight loss, so when you lose weight, Eat more fruit every day.

2, choose more whole wheat food

whole wheat food, they can let you not hungry on thin. There are many kinds of whole wheat food, such as brown rice, oats, etc. due to the less processing procedures, whole wheat food contains less extra heat than fine rice noodles, so you can choose more, but you must see 100% whole wheat.

3, sitting to eat

according to the medical research on the dining posture of different nationalities around the world, the sitting position is the most scientific, the standing position is the second, and the squatting position is the most unsuitable. This is because the legs are hard when standing, so the thighs are easy to get thicker.

4, eat more vegetables

, vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and nutrients. The fiber contained in vegetables can help to moisten intestines, detoxify and lose weight. The crude fiber contained in some vegetables, such as celery, can also have a good effect on losing weight. They are essential food for losing weight, And vegetables are low in calories and fat, so you don’t have to be afraid to get fat if you eat more.

5, drink soup before meals

, drink a small amount of soup before meals, as if doing preparatory activities before exercise, can make the whole digestive organs active, make the digestive gland secrete enough digestive juice, prepare for eating, of course, you can also drink a little between meals, but not more.

6, too fast and too hot,

eating too fast, wolfing down, due to the food can not give full play to the role of saliva digestion and increase the burden of the stomach, often form gastritis or gastric ulcer; Another example is scalding food can burn taste buds and cause loss of appetite, as well as oral and esophageal tumors; Another example is squatting, due to blood circulation disorders, can affect digestion and absorption, more lead to loss of appetite, digestive dysfunction. If you eat too much, it will not only affect the digestion and absorption function due to the heavy burden of gastrointestinal tract, but also lead to excessive nutrition and disease, overeating or long-term satiety, which can cause digestive tract dysfunction.

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