People who are most prone to magnesium deficiency can take magnesium supplements

. People often talk about calcium supplements, but pay little attention to magnesium supplements. This is because the intestinal tract has a strong absorption capacity for magnesium. Magnesium deficiency

magnesium is a cofactor of more than 300 enzymes in the body, which can regulate the excitability of muscles and nerves, and is also involved in bone construction, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, blood pressure regulation, blood pressure regulation, blood pressure regulation, blood pressure regulation and so on Hormone secretion and other processes. Insufficient magnesium intake, malabsorption or increased excretion may lead to magnesium deficiency, which may lead to loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and weakness. With the increase of the deficiency, numbness, tingling, muscle spasm, arrhythmia and so on may appear, and even lead to hypocalcemia and hypokalemia. The following six groups of people are most vulnerable to magnesium deficiency.

calcium supplement population. After middle age, the rate of calcium loss is faster than that of calcium deposition. The risk of osteoporosis is increasing. Many middle-aged and elderly people will supplement calcium, but high calcium will competitively inhibit the absorption of magnesium.

people with uneven diet. Middle aged people tend to lose weight, people who have no time to exercise will lose weight by dieting, and hunger will affect the intake of magnesium; There are also some middle-aged people who are not happy without meat, but a high protein diet will reduce the absorption rate of magnesium.

tea drinkers. Caffeine in strong tea contains diuretic components, which will increase the loss of magnesium.

Diabetic population. The middle-aged and the elderly are the high incidence of diabetes. Diabetes will increase the excretion of magnesium, and magnesium deficiency will reduce the efficiency of insulin and form a vicious spiral.

long term use of certain drugs. Some drugs, such as bisphosphonates (for the treatment of osteoporosis), tetracycline antibiotics, such as ciprofloxacin, demecycline and levofloxacin, can affect the absorption of magnesium. Some diuretics, such as furosemide, hydrochlorothiazide tablets and diuretic acid, can increase the excretion of magnesium. Middle aged and elderly people taking these drugs should pay attention to the supplement of magnesium.

frequent drinkers. Excessive drinking can lead to pancreatitis, alcoholic ketoacidosis, and increase magnesium excretion. Long term excessive drinking can easily lead to serious loss of magnesium.

nutritionists suggest that the above six groups of people should eat more magnesium rich food. Green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium, followed by coarse grains, nuts, meat and milk. However, oxalic acid was found in green leafy vegetables and phytic acid was found in coarse grains. It is suggested to blanch vegetables with boiling water before frying; When cooking coarse grains, soak them in advance.

What food can eat to fill magnesium?

1, dark green leafy vegetables. Almost all dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of magnesium, because each chlorophyll molecule contains a magnesium ion, so the more green the color is, the more magnesium it contains, such as spinach, cabbage and so on.

2, nuts and plant seeds. The contents of potassium, calcium and magnesium in all kinds of nuts are relatively high, especially helpful to supplement magnesium, such as almond, sunflower seed and cashew nut.

3, soybean. Half a cup of soybeans (91g) contains 50% of the daily magnesium requirement.

4, banana. In addition to vitamins and dietary fiber, a medium banana contains 32 mg of magnesium. Strawberries, blackberries, grapes and figs also contain a certain amount of magnesium.

According to their own specific circumstances, choose the following magnesium diet.

1, wolfberry leaf porridge: wash 100 grams of fresh wolfberry leaves, and cook 50 grams of Japonica rice into porridge. The content of magnesium in Lycium barbarum leaves is the highest in vegetables, 92 mg per 100 grams, twice that of fennel and three times that of Toona sinensis. Pharmacological studies have confirmed that Lycium barbarum leaves can reduce blood pressure, blood lipids and blood glucose. Therefore, if you eat this porridge often, you can have a & lt; Food & quot; Gram & quot; Three high;, It’s good for your health.

2, mung bean porridge: appropriate amount of mung bean, with 50 grams of Japonica rice cooked for porridge. Mung bean is a kind of food containing more magnesium, 147.8 mg per 100 grams《 Introduction to food recuperation law; Mung bean congee can reduce blood fat and blood pressure, and treat diabetes. rdquo; It can be seen that for the middle-aged and old people with three heights, eating this porridge is quite beneficial.

3, boiled black beans with Rhizoma Polygonati: Boil 30g of Rhizoma Polygonati and 30g of black beans, eat Rhizoma Polygonati and black beans together, twice a day. Black beans are rich in magnesium, 157.3 mg per 100 grams《 New uses of Materia Medica; Rhizoma Polygonati can lower blood pressure, triglyceride, b-lipoprotein and blood cholesterol& rdquo; Yes; Three high & quot; It is also suitable for patients to take care of themselves.

4, sweet potato soup: cut the sweet potato into small thick slices and cook over high heat. Because sweet potato contains a lot of mucilage, it will naturally become soup after boiling. Magnesium is also very rich in sweet potato, 80.6 mg per 100 grams《 The book “single Chinese medicine therapy” says: & lt; Sweet potato can promote insulin secretion and improve postprandial hyperglycemia& rdquo;《 Food recuperation law also says: & lt; Sweet potato can reduce blood lipid and blood pressure;. Therefore, if you eat this product often, you can reach one gram; Three high & quot; Purpose.

there are also some magnesium supplements on the market. It is suggested that the middle-aged and old people usually take a moderate amount of fruits and vegetables, mix the thickness of staple food, drink milk every day, eat one or two liang meat, and eat more; Magnesium & quot; Food, can completely meet the body’s magnesium demand, there is no need to take magnesium supplements.

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