People who like to drink strong milk should be careful to fatten to death four ways to buy safe milk drink

we all know that milk is rich in nutrition, especially high in calcium. In fact, the difference between milk and other foods is that milk mainly contains four nutrients, calcium, lysine, vitamin B12 and riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2). Other nutrients are found in most foods. Let’s have a look at it.

Can you lose weight by drinking milk?

previously, experts believed that drinking milk can not directly reduce weight, but milk can play an auxiliary role in reducing weight. Because the protein in milk is not easy to be converted into fat accumulation, and protein digestion takes a relatively long time, strong sense of satiety, so milk can play an auxiliary role in weight loss.

but later scientists found that milk can directly lose weight, which is related to calcium. Scientists have found that if the human body lacks calcium, it will secrete a hormone to promote the growth and storage of fat, and calcium can reduce the production of this hormone, indirectly reduce the growth of fat and promote the combustion of fat. In addition, milk rich in calcium can decompose the body fat, reduce fat accumulation in the body, maintain normal weight.

study also found that in the case of constant total calorie intake, drinking 200 grams of milk a day can not only lose weight, but also reduce waist circumference. Moreover, calcium in milk is easier to be absorbed and digested by human body than calcium in other foods. Milk rich in lysine can also promote muscle growth, so milk is a very good diet.

You’d better not drink fragrant and strong milk. Drinking milk can lose weight, but you must pay attention to the type of milk. If you like to drink that kind of strong and fragrant milk, you can’t lose weight and gain weight.

most people who like to drink milk like the flavor of milk, and think that the stronger the flavor of milk, the purer the milk. But in fact, in order to improve the flavor of milk, businesses will add a kind of milk fat, and the milk will become high-fat dairy products with milk fat added, which will make the taste stronger, but the heat will also increase greatly, So don’t feel bad when you drink milk.

As mentioned above, many people know that pure milk has a high fat content. People who want to lose weight want to drink milk and don’t want to eat too much fat, Skim milk has become a choice for many people. But in fact, the fat content of skimmed milk and low-fat milk is not much different, and the calories are almost the same, but the taste of low-fat milk is much better than skimmed milk. Therefore, people who want to lose weight may not only drink defatted, low-fat is also a good choice.

can I have a drink before going to bed?

many people are used to drinking a glass of milk before going to bed, and worry that the protein and fat in milk will make the body unable to digest in deep sleep, thus forming fat. In fact, this kind of worry is necessary. Drinking milk before going to bed will not gain weight. This is precisely because the protein in milk takes too long to digest and is not easy to be digested. Therefore, drinking milk will not increase the extra consumption of body energy at night, but can promote sleep, so that you will not feel hungry in the morning and will not consume too many calories.

Four ways to buy safe milk drink

drinking milk has become a part of modern people’s life. In developed countries, drinking milk in the morning and evening is common. However, due to the loopholes in the management of modern artificial addition, there are also some safety incidents in milk food. Therefore, people must carefully identify when buying milk food.

nose smell

fresh high-quality milk should have delicious milk flavor, no sour smell, fishy smell, rancid odor and other abnormal smell.


normal and delicious milk taste is composed of slightly sweet taste, sour taste, salty taste and bitter taste, but it should not taste sour taste, salty taste, bitter taste and astringent taste.

eye view

first observe whether the package is inflated and whether the milk is uniform. If it is found that clear liquid appears in the upper part of the bottle and tofu brain precipitates in the bottom of the bottle, it means that the milk has become sour and deteriorated.


stir the milk evenly with a stirring rod, observe whether the milk has red and dark yellow, whether there are obvious insoluble impurities, whether there are sticky or clotting phenomenon, if there are the above phenomena, it means that the milk is mixed with starch and other substances.

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