Perfume spray many, very strong flavor, how to do quickly remove the smell of perfume on clothes small trick

perfume spray much thick flavor how to do? Perfume is a make-up product that modern people love to use. Perfume can make us smell charming, but we need to notice that some perfume is strong, and the fragrance is very durable. Let’s have a look at it.

How to quickly remove

of perfume spray, the most recommended method (and super cheap) is to use cotton balls to soak in alcohol and wipe the perfume parts. The perfume will soon disappear.

2, with dough. But before that, you need to mix flour with hot water to make a dough, and then rub it on the skin. Just wait a few minutes, and the taste will disappear.

3. If you can’t find alcohol for external use, soak vodka in a cotton ball and wipe your skin. You can also taste it. However, make full use of those who do not like vodka, don’t waste good vodka, what a pity!

4, since it can’t be removed, cover them up! Mix white vinegar and oil, pat on the skin, and wash off with soap and water after penetrating. Make up makes you more attractive. For more information about make-up, see here.

: first, if the hairdryer

is eager to go out, it is better to use the cold air mode of the blower to blow off the perfume that is too strong on the clothes.

second, the sun drying

, if not anxious to go out, hang clothes in the sun drying, because perfume contains alcohol, so the sun can evaporate some of the smell of perfume.

third, spray

, if there are cosmetic cotton and spray, spray spray to the cotton pad, then press to wipe the clothes with perfume. If there is no cosmetic cotton and spray, then use wet wipes to wet the clothes and place the perfume on the clothes.

fourth, soak in clean water

if the fragrance on the clothes is too strong and not urgent, you can soak the clothes in clean water before drying.

How to prevent perfume too strong

, if the perfume is very strong taste, can be used before the perfume bottle cap twist, let it volatilize a part of the fragrance;

2, if perfume is afraid of spraying too much, it can be sprayed across the make-up cotton or sprayed in the air before using the body to pass the perfume mist.

Perfume spray to the clothing mark removal tips

, use a kitchen towel or absorbent cloth, dip in a little soda water or cold water to press the stain back, and then suck up the moisture. If the stain is still there, you can apply a little detergent on both sides of the stain. After standing for 10 minutes, gently rub the back of the stain and clean it with cold water;

2. Add 1 tbsp white vinegar to 1 liter of warm water and a little detergent. Stir the detergent solution until it foams, and then soak the clothes in the solution for 15 minutes;

3. Wet the stain with cold water. Wash the stain on both sides of the stain and stick it into the washing machine. Wash the highest water temperature that the clothes can bear. Remove the perfume stains on clothes

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