Points for attention when eating sashimi after freezing:

What should be paid attention to when eating fish after frozen sashimi.

purchase & lt; Chilled fish;, Eyes and gills should be observed first. Fresh fish eyes full, clear cornea, gill filaments clear, bright red. Secondly, the eyeball of fresh fish is not full, the cornea is wrinkled and slightly turbid, sometimes the blood in the eyes is red, and the gill color is dark, showing grayish red or grayish purple. The eyeball of putrefaction fish is collapsed or shriveled, the cornea is wrinkled or cracked, and the gills are brown or gray.

now kill live fish and let them go.

the quality of freshly slaughtered fish is not the best, because the fish will have a & lt; Acid drainage & quot; It needs to be stored for a period of time to be more delicious. Small fish like grass carp and silver carp should be refrigerated immediately and cooked after 2 hours; Large fish need to be refrigerated for more than two hours.

try to steam it.

in all cooking methods, steaming is the most healthy, cooking temperature is lower and oil is less, which can protect most of the nutrients in fish from damage. When boiled or stewed, some of the nutrients in the fish may be lost in the soup. The temperature of barbecue is high, which is easy to produce harmful substances, and the oil consumption of barbecue fish is also a lot, which destroys the health characteristics of low-fat fish. The oil content of deep frying is higher, and it is more harmful to fish nutrition.

don’t eat fish too red or too white.

due to different species, there are two kinds of fish: red meat fish like tuna and white meat fish like hairtail; Credit & quot;.

the color of the water in the water tank is wrong.

when you buy live fish in the supermarket, you should take a look at & lt; Water color & quot;. Because it reflects the quality of water. If it is dark green or blue, it may be that there are too many algae, which means that the water tank has not been changed or cleaned for a long time, which may affect the health of fish. When the water is clear and flowing, the fish in the water tank will be more lively.

pickled do not eat.

aquatic products may contain more nitrite. In the process of drying or salting, some of the proteins are decomposed to produce amines, which combine with nitrite to form nitrosamines, which has a certain cancer risk.

price is too low to buy.

the price is too low, so we should consider the source, quality and safety of fish. Eating deteriorated fish will bring great health risks.

; Eight big & quot; Yes. The size of

fish determines its taste and safety. If it is too small, the fish has not yet grown up, the meat is not fresh enough, and the fish bones will appear more. Too big means that the fish is old, the meat is rough, and a lot of harmful substances may accumulate in the body. Therefore, choose a fish to buy; Eight big & quot; For example, carp and Wuchang fish should be 1.5 Jin, crucian carp 0.5 Jin ~ 1 jin, grass carp 4 ~ 5 jin.

sashimi should be frozen before eating. There may be parasites in the sashimi. The parasites have poor resistance to heat and low temperature, and can be killed after 24 hours freezing at minus 20 ℃. However, the ice under the general sashimi plate can not kill the parasites at all. Therefore, only the source of raw materials enough to rest assured that the fish can eat raw.

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