Potato is also rich in vitamin C

Potatoes are also rich in vitamin c

. Potatoes are also rich in vitamin c

. Talking about the nutrition of potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and other potato foods, most people think of dietary fiber. Few people know that they are actually a good source of vitamin C. According to

“Chinese food composition table”, the vitamin C content in 100 grams of potatoes is 27 mg, sweet potato is 26 mg, cassava is 35 mg, which is higher than that of most root, fresh bean and eggplant vegetables, such as 21 mg of radish, 13 mg of lentil, 19 mg of tomato and 5 mg of eggplant, but lower than that of most leaf and flower vegetables, such as 31 mg of Chinese cabbage, 13 mg of tomato and 5 mg of eggplant Cauliflower 61 mg.

in terms of retention rate, vitamin C in food will be lost in varying degrees due to water immersion, heating, oxidation and other factors in the cooking process. Potato food is rich in starch, which can protect vitamin C. The data showed that the preservation rate of vitamin C was 75% after spinach boiled for 1 minute. However, the preservation rate of potatoes boiled with skin for 40 minutes was 87%, and that of sweet potatoes steamed for 40 minutes was 91%. However, when the potatoes were peeled and sliced and fried for 6-8 minutes, the vitamin C retention rate was 54%, and the frying rate was only 38.5%.

in order to protect vitamin C, the best way to eat potatoes is to wash and steam with skin. Don’t cut the potatoes too thin or too small when cooking, and don’t wash them with water after cutting, so as to avoid the loss of vitamin C through the incision. Because vitamin C is stable under acidic conditions, it is better to add vinegar when cooking potatoes. In addition, salt should not be added too early in cooking, otherwise vitamin C is easily oxidized and lost.

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