Potato sprout can’t eat to have to throw away? The four practical tips for skillfully using germinated potatoes


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If you want more small potted plants that will bloom, simple, clean and good-looking, it is recommended that you hydroponically cultivate them ~

pick two germinated potatoes, cut them into pieces or soak them in water. It’s not a real bubble. Just let the water touch the potato. You can also fix it with a toothpick.

change the water frequently, once every 2-3 days, and then use it again after 3 days of drying with tap water ~

potatoes will have beautiful flowers in May and June!

The above content is Xiaobian to share with you other ways to use germinated potatoes, have you learned it?

but Xiaobian still needs warm tips. Sprouted potatoes must not be eaten. If they can’t be used skillfully, they’d rather throw them away than eat them. After all, health is very important.

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