Precautions for purchasing bulk food

according to relevant food safety experts, there are some problems that can not be ignored in the consumption of bulk food, which have to arouse our great attention. Here, the dear editor reminds you that when purchasing bulk food, please pay attention to the following six points.

one should pay attention to the careful use of plastic bags

at present, the market, street shops, stalls and other kinds of flavor snacks attract many consumers, some operators sell these foods, most of them use plastic bags on the bowl, which seems to be hygienic, but actually there are some security risks. According to the national regulations, the raw materials of the plastic bags used to hold directly imported food must meet the food grade requirements, and the minimum sales unit of the products must be marked with the “QS” mark and the words “for food” or “special for food”. When consumers buy food, they should pay attention to whether the plastic bags containing food meet the standards.

second, it should be noted that food grade plastic bags should not hold high-temperature food

operators often use food bags to hold hot food such as spicy hot, hot soup, etc., which has potential safety hazards. When the food reaches a certain temperature, the chemical components in the plastic bag may leak out, thus polluting the food and causing harm to the human body. Even if it is packed in food grade plastic bags, long-term consumption is likely to have safety risks.

third, we should pay attention to minimize the use of disposable straw and plastic cup with bright color, and try not to use plastic cup and straw to drink hot drinks

Shenyang Consumer Association conducted a comparative test of disposable plastic bowl, paper cup and plastic straw last year. The results showed that the quality of 30% paper cup, plastic cup and pipette samples did not completely meet the standard, mainly due to the substandard fluorescent substances and decolorization experiments. Fluorescent substances are not easy to be decomposed and eliminated. Accumulation in the body will affect the normal development and growth of cells, and even cause cell mutation. Synthetic pigments have bright colors and strong coloring power, but some synthetic pigments are toxic, which can lead to diarrhea, even fertility decline, teratogenesis and so on. Some pigments may also be converted into carcinogens in the human body.

fourth, we should pay attention to check whether the sales environment is clean and tidy

when buying large packaged food for disassembly and sale, pastry food for bulk and food for on-site processing and production, we should carefully check whether the operators have facilities or equipment for washing, disinfection, storage and temperature regulation that meet the hygiene requirements, Where food safety cannot be guaranteed, consumers should choose carefully.

(5) pay attention to whether the operator’s operation is standardized.

“food safety law” clearly stipulates that the sales personnel of directly imported food and bulk food that can be processed without cleaning must hold a valid health certificate and wear masks, gloves and hats during operation. When consumers buy these foods, if they find that the employees do not wear masks, gloves and hats, or take sundries when wearing gloves, which leads to cross contamination of the foods they sell, they should be careful to choose them.

6 pay attention to check whether the food label is complete

according to the provisions of the food safety law, when a food operator stores and sells bulk food, it shall indicate the name, production date, shelf life, producer name and contact information of the food on the storage location and outside the packaging container. When purchasing the above food, consumers should pay attention to check the label. For food without label, or food with incomplete food name, production date, shelf life and other important contents in the label, consumers should be cautious in purchasing.

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