Preference for five flavors will bring harm to the body

preference for five flavors will bring harm to the body

1 love bitter stomach is not good

many people do not like bitter food, but the right amount of bitter has the effect of appetizing and relaxing nerves. Excessive consumption of bitterness may lead to stomach gas deterioration, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. So & lt; Too bitter taste, bad temper, stomach is thick;.

2, love to eat acid and easy to fatigue

acid mainly comes from vinegar and fruit containing organic acid. Sour taste helps to increase appetite, appetizer and digestion. People who like to eat acid are signals of accelerated metabolism in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sour taste into the liver has the effect of nourishing liver qi. However, excessive acidophilia may cause fatigue, interfere with the energy metabolism of the brain, and lead to memory loss, peptic ulcer and other diseases. So there is & quot; If the taste is too sour, the liver Qi is regulated, and the temper is the best; That is to say.

3, love to eat spicy will ulcer

spicy mainly comes from capsicum and other food rich in capsaicin, they are mostly warm, after eating can promote blood circulation, has the effect of promoting blood circulation and anti-cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pungent taste enters the lung and has the function of benefiting lung qi. Excessive spicy, may lead to peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids, constipation and other fire phenomenon. So & lt; The taste is too pungent, the muscles and veins are depressed, and the spirit is the center;.

4, love to eat sweet and grow fat

the sweet taste mainly comes from small molecule carbohydrates, such as edible sugar, sucrose, fructose, etc. the sweet taste is indispensable for providing body energy and maintaining the needs of growth and development. Chinese medicine believes that sweet taste into the spleen, with the role of Tonifying the spleen. Overindulgence in sweetness can lead to excess energy, obesity, metabolic syndrome, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. So & lt; The taste is too sweet, the heart is full of breath, the color is black, and the kidney qi is unbalanced;.

5, love to eat salty, be alert to vascular disease

salty mainly comes from table salt. Chlorine and sodium contained in table salt are necessary substances for human body’s new metabolism. They play a very important role in maintaining the stability of human body environment and maintaining acid-base balance. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that salty taste into the kidney has the effect of Tonifying the kidney and nourishing essence. But excessive saltiness may lead to heart, brain and kidney diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney diseases.

old Chinese medicine said, the old saying that & lt; If you are sincere in harmonizing the five flavors, your bones are upright and your tendons are soft, your qi and blood flow and your qi and blood flow are dense. If you are sincere in harmonizing the five flavors, your bones and Qi are refined. If you are sincere in following the law, you will have destiny& rdquo; It is also necessary to live a long and healthy life. The intake of five flavors should not be too much.

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