Preservation methods of tea

Mr. Wang, a member of the public, recently responded that the green tea he bought at the tea shop tasted very good at first, but it didn’t take long to feel that it didn’t taste as good as before. What’s the reason? When he went to the tea shop to inquire, it turned out that it was due to the improper storage method. So what are the precautions of tea preservation in daily life?

tea to avoid high temperature:

the most suitable temperature for tea preservation is zero to five degrees. How high temperature will make the sugar, amino acids, vitamins and aromatic substances in tea will be broken down, and the quality and aroma of tea will be decreased.

tea to avoid the sun:

if the tea is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will promote the oxidation of tea pigments and esters, so that the tea green pigment will be decomposed into demagnesium chlorophyll. Tea can not be stored in glass containers, because stored in glass containers or transparent plastic bags, after exposure to sunlight, its internal substances will have a chemical reaction, making the quality of green tea worse.

tea can not be exposed to oxygen for a long time: 6667

the chlorophyll, vitamin C, esters, aldehydes in tea are easy to combine with oxygen in the air, and the oxidized green tea will make the tea soup red and dark, greatly reducing the nutritional value.

the storage space of tea should not be too wet:

because tea is a kind of loose and porous hydrophilic material with strong moisture absorption capacity. When storing tea, the best humidity is 60%. If the humidity exceeds 70%, mildew and acidification will easily occur.

in hot summer, tea containers should be put in a cool place.

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