Pressing rapeseed oil

with the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to health preservation. The quality of edible oil is also directly related to people’s health. Nowadays, many old people prefer to use pressed rapeseed oil. It is said that it can replenish qi and blood, stop bleeding and cool blood. It is deeply loved by old people. What is the effect of pressing rapeseed oil? What’s good for people’s health?

according to experts, pressed rapeseed oil has high nutritional value, rich in fat, provides essential fatty acids, maintains body temperature and protects internal organs; Rich in vitamin E, can effectively improve blood circulation; It is also rich in copper, which is an indispensable trace element for human body and has an important impact on blood, central nervous system and immune system. The edible effects are as follows:

1. Tonifying blood and Qi: used for blood deficiency, chlorosis, dizziness, palpitation, etc. It is a good product for nourishing blood. It is often used with rehmannia, angelica, Astragalus and other Qi and blood tonifying drugs.

2. Hemostasis and cooling blood: used for various bleeding syndromes. The hemostatic effect is good. It is especially suitable for bleeding with Yin deficiency and blood deficiency. For the treatment of vomiting due to blood heat, it should be combined with pollen Typhae and rehmannia, such as “qianjinyi prescription”. For the treatment of vomiting due to cough, spitting, blood loss, deficiency, fatigue and nervousness, it should be combined with ginseng and bletilla, such as “tanhuodianxue”; For example, zhizhifang Ejiao powder; The treatment of hematochezia is as follows: soybean juice, Angelica sinensis, radix paeoniae rubra, etc., such as Ejiao Shaoyao decoction; Treatment of first blood after defecation, compatibility of Paeonia lactiflora, Coptis, such as “yilinjiyao” Ejiao pills; For the treatment of Chong Ren Bu Gu, metrorrhagia and blood loss during pregnancy, it is compatible with Rehmannia glutinosa and Artemisia argyi, such as Jiaoai decoction.

the effect of pressing rapeseed oil is so good. Most of the products on the market are rapeseed oil. What kind of pressing rapeseed oil should we choose?

1. According to the preparation process, it can be divided into pressed rapeseed oil and leached rapeseed oil.

2. According to whether the raw material is genetically modified or not, it can be divided into genetically modified rapeseed oil and non genetically modified rapeseed oil.

3. According to the erucic acid content of fatty acids, it can be divided into general rapeseed oil and low erucic acid rapeseed oil.

is generally dark yellow or brown. Rapeseed oil contains 0.4-1.0% arachidonic acid, 14-19% oleic acid, 12-24% linoleic acid, 31-55% erucic acid and 1-10% linolenic acid. In terms of nutritional value, the digestibility and absorption rate of rapeseed oil can be as high as 99%, and it has cholagogic function. In the pathological state of liver, rapeseed ketone can also be metabolized by human body. However, rapeseed oil lacks essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, and the composition of fatty acids is unbalanced, so its nutritional value is lower than that of general vegetable oil. In addition, rapeseed oil contains a lot of erucic acid and glucosinolates, which are generally considered to be harmful to human growth and development. If it can be used with excellent edible oil rich in linoleic acid, its nutritional value will be improved.

it seems that eating pressed rapeseed oil is very good for human body. Some people who often have dizziness, fatigue and fatigue are more suitable for taking pressed rapeseed oil. Pressed rapeseed oil can also be used for the adjuvant treatment of male infertility, burns, frostbite, menopausal syndrome and other diseases. But we should pay attention to patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension should eat less.

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