Prevention and treatment measures of domestic gas leakage

domestic gas sometimes leaks due to various reasons. In view of how to deal with the problem of domestic gas leakage, this paper summarizes the following five specific measures to solve the problem of gas leakage.

1. When using gas, someone must be in front of the stove. Check whether the gas valve is closed before going out or going to bed every day
2. Gas appliances should be qualified products from regular manufacturers, and professional team should be invited to carry out standard installation. When using the gas water heater, we must keep the room well ventilated
3. During the interior decoration, it is not allowed to dismantle, move, transform, block or close the gas pipeline facilities without authorization, and it is not allowed to install the gas meter and gas pipeline in the closed cabinet
4. Gas appliances using pipeline gas should not be replaced by gas appliances using other gases. Do not hang objects on the pipeline, and do not pile up sundries and inflammables around the pipeline gas equipment
5. It is better to install combustible gas leakage alarm in the family with gas or liquefied gas.

when gas leakage is suspected, the following two methods can be used for leak detection .

1. Choose one of soap, washing powder and detergent, add water to make liquid, apply it on gas appliance, hose, plug valve, gas meter and ball valve, especially at the interface. The part with bubbles is the leakage point
2. Check the leakage with eyes, ears, hands and nose (Note: never use open fire).

in case of gas leakage, keep calm and take the following measures in time .

1. Turn off the gas appliance switch and the switch on the gas appliance pipe immediately< It is forbidden to turn on all kinds of electrical equipment in the room, such as turning on lights and making phone calls
3. For ventilation, the doors and windows should be opened in time, and the exhaust fan should not be opened, so as not to ignite the indoor mixed gas and cause explosion
4. When taking off the chemical fiber clothing, it should not be too fast to avoid the explosion caused by the spark generated by static electricity
5. If you find a gas leak in your neighbor’s house, don’t ring the doorbell, but knock on the door to let you know
6. Call the local gas repair alarm or 119 outside.

once someone has symptoms of gas poisoning (such as headache, nausea, vomiting, etc.), the poisoned person should be placed in a well ventilated environment immediately and sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Entering the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the first choice for severe gas poisoning

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