Put an apple potato does not grow bud to cook potato 5 tips

potato sprout cannot eat, how to prevent potato sprout? An apple will do.

potato is one of the common foods. Compared with green leafy vegetables, it has a longer storage time. But sprouting has always been a problem for potato storage. Potato sprouts contain solanine toxin, which can cause food poisoning. According to the latest article published by “life Pepsi” in the United States, a little trick to prevent potatoes from sprouting:

put an apple in the potatoes. Like bananas, apples release ethylene gas, which can help some fruits ripen faster, but prevent potatoes from sprouting, said Jiyun Liyou, a designer at Eindhoven School of design in the Netherlands. The specific method is to put the potatoes in a fresh-keeping bag, and then put an apple in it. The ratio of potato to apple is usually 10:1.

American TV program “delicious kitchen test” completed the comparative experiment also confirmed that compared with the potatoes stored without apples,

potatoes stored with apples still did not soften and germinate after 8 weeks.

how to make potatoes delicious?

is not just a fire.

in the eyes of cooks, potatoes are a good food with strong plasticity, which can be used not only for frying, but also for stewing.

there are several cooking potato skills to share with you.

new potatoes stewed, old potatoes fried


fresh potato

tastes tender, thick and smooth, easy to cook. Because of its high water content, high sugar content and good stickiness, it can still keep lumpy in water and has a good taste, so it is suitable for making soup, stewing and cooking;

. Compared with the new potato

, the old potato has no significant difference in nutrition, but the water content is reduced, the taste is crisp, and the phenomenon that the new potato is easy to stick and paste will not occur after being put into the pot, so it is suitable for frying.

peel, just remove a thin layer.

potato peel juice is rich in a variety of nutrients, so only a thin layer can be peeled.

gently rub the surface of potato with steel ball,

can easily remove a thin layer of skin without damaging the “potato meat” inside.

new potatoes can be peeled alternately with hot and cold water.

put potatoes into hot water for soaking, and then change them into cold water, so that they can be peeled easily.

soak in water immediately after cutting.

potato contains polyphenol oxidase, which will browning under the action of oxygen, thus affecting the color of potatoes. Therefore, in the cooking process, cut potatoes should be put in water in time to prevent oxidation and blackening. When soaking, you can add a little vinegar in the water, which can effectively prevent browning, make the potato taste crisp, not sticky, and reduce the loss of vitamins and minerals in the potato. Need to be reminded that potatoes cut after the best cooking immediately, in order to prevent the loss of nutrients into the water.

simmer easily.

potatoes can be cooked evenly only when they are simmered in low heat. If they are boiled in high heat, the outer layer will be rotten or even cracked, but the inner layer will be raw. In addition, when the soup is stewed in high heat, it will make the potato pieces boil out, making it easier to paste the pot.

steamed mashed potatoes with skin for nutrition preservation.

steamed whole potato with skin has less nutrition loss, especially more vitamin C, which is the most nutritious way to eat. Peeling and steaming will make it easier for water to enter the potatoes, so the steamed potatoes have too much water and bad taste. In addition, when making mashed potatoes, you’d better take the skin with you. After steaming, peel and pound the mashed potatoes.

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