Radiator maintenance knowledge

how to maintain radiator? Radiator heating is one of the most common forms of home heating, which is widely used in north central area. There are many kinds of radiators, and the quality and installation process are also uneven. If you use radiators for a long time, you must maintain them. How to maintain them? The following is the common sense of radiator maintenance.

[1] radiator maintenance method 1
try to keep a certain heat dissipation space near the radiator in the room, and do not pile up sundries on or in front of the radiator, otherwise the heat dissipation effect of the radiator will be affected.

[2] radiator maintenance method 2
families with heating should pay attention to: the valve on the heating pipe can not be opened and closed at will. When the heating system moves for the first time, it usually needs to be debugged. For each household, it is to adjust the valve of each riser to the right position, open the manual vent valve of each radiator to discharge the air collected in the radiator, or open the vent valve of the air collecting tank installed on the top of the system to discharge the air until each radiator is heated, Once the commissioning is completed, the valve should be fixed and cannot be opened or closed at will.

[3] radiator maintenance method 3
the position of radiator can not be changed at will. The installation of radiator is arranged in the position conducive to indoor heating, which can ensure that the air convection and indoor temperature are relatively average in all places. Once the position is changed, the indoor temperature will be unbalanced. On the other hand, once the pipes and radiator are moved, It will be very easy to leak, causing unnecessary losses to the home.

[4] radiator maintenance method 4
it is not allowed to drain water from the system at will. If there is a lack of hot water in the pipeline, it is necessary to supplement cold water to maintain a certain pressure in the pipe network system. The more hot water is lost, the water temperature in the pipe network will drop rapidly, resulting in a decrease in indoor temperature. Steel heating friends should pay attention to stop heating, timely close the valve, the heating is full of water, this can extend the practical life, conditional copper aluminum composite radiator can also do full water maintenance.

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