Radish is an edible panacea

Radish is an edible panacea

radish is an edible panacea

most people think radish is a winter vegetable, but in fact, according to the different seasons, there are different radish cultivation, such as Spring Radish, summer radish and autumn and winter radish, people can enjoy the delicious and nutrition brought by radish all year round.

radish contains spicy ingredients, which can inhibit abnormal cell division and prevent cancer attack. Radish can also kill bacteria, enhance appetite and inhibit platelet aggregation. Radish contains a lot of dietary fiber and rich starch decomposing enzymes, which can effectively promote the digestion and absorption of food. In addition, radish also contains a lot of vitamin C, especially the vitamin C content in radish skin is twice that of radish heart.

radish leaves contain more vitamin C and a lot of vitamin A than radish leaves, and also contain vitamin B1, B2, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and iron.

radish fresh state consumption has good dietotherapy health effect, even if the sun dried is also a universal medicine. Dried radish still contains a lot of vitamin B1, calcium and iron, which can supplement food fiber and minerals for human body.

in general, tender radish will have more pungent ingredients than old radish, and the pungency will decrease with the growth process, while radish cultivated in high temperature environment will have more pungent ingredients, and summer radish will have more pungent ingredients than winter radish.

it should be noted that once the vitamin C in radish is exposed to the air, it is easy to be oxidized. After peeling the radish skin, the vitamin C will be oxidized by 20% in 20 minutes and only half in 2 hours. Therefore, when cooking, it is best to cut radish at last, and eat it immediately after cutting, which can ensure that vitamin C does not lose.

the way to peel radish is also worth mentioning. Generally, people peel radish vertically. However, such a strong linear peeling can easily destroy the cells in radish and make radish more spicy. The right way is to peel like an apple, which can effectively inhibit the spicy taste of radish and make the dishes more refreshing and delicious.

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