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1, diabetes patients

red dates of taboo crowd what? As everyone knows, red dates are sweet and contain lots of sugar. If you have diabetes, you must be at a distance.

2, abdominal distension

this kind of people can not eat red dates, red dates will make abdominal distension more serious, just the opposite.

3 and

were found to have poor stomach and intestines. So the person with bad stomach also had better not eat too much jujube.

4, people with oral problems

what are the taboo groups of red dates? Too much sugar can lead to a lot of oral diseases. Especially for some children, if they don’t gargle in time after eating jujube, it will easily lead to tooth decay. Pay special attention since childhood.

5, hot and humid, yellow tongue coating

what are the taboo groups of red dates? These people are not suitable to eat jujube, to avoid dampness stagnation, have a negative impact on the body.

When eating jujube, you should pay attention to these things. You can’t eat high protein food immediately after eating jujube. You can often find some milk or yogurt with jujube flavor on the market, But this milk product is made from the blend of flavors and pigments. If you drink milk immediately after eating jujube, it is likely to make vitamin C in jujube and protein in dairy products coagulate into blocks. Not only is it not easy to be absorbed by human body, but also it may bring unnecessary burden to human body. Therefore, we should eat high protein food after eating jujube for 1-2 hours. Red dates can’t be decocted with water. Many people will choose to take brown sugar medlar water. Red dates don’t eat with these foods. Red dates + scallion are easy to cause dyspepsia. Red dates can tonify spleen and stomach, replenish qi and body fluid, nourish heart and lung, nourish blood and tranquilize mind. Scallion can remove fishiness and greasiness, stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and increase appetite. But the combination of the two can easily lead to indigestion. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine believes that onion is the food of pungent heat and jujube is also the thing of sweet and pungent heat. If you eat them together, you can easily make the fire more intense.

2, red jujube + sea crab: easy to suffer from cold and heat disease

sea crab and red jujube, eat with easy to suffer from cold and heat disease, at most 2 hours interval can eat.

3, jujube + animal liver: destroy vitamin

, jujube and animal liver should not be eaten at the same time. Animal liver is rich in copper, iron and other elements. These metal ions can easily oxidize vitamin C contained in other foods and lose its efficacy. Therefore, jujube should not be eaten with animal liver at the same time.

4, jujube + cucumber or radish: nutritional value loss

do not eat jujube with cucumber or radish. Because these two kinds of food decomposition enzymes will destroy the vitamin of jujube. It leads to the loss of nutritional value of jujube.

diabetic patients, often bloating friends, etc., are not allowed to eat red dates. In addition, we usually eat jujube when we should also pay attention to diet, do not eat food at the same time, jujube health has a lot of precautions, firmly grasp these points, scientific and reasonable eating jujube, many benefits, I hope the above content can bring help to you!

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