Red grape variety

when it comes to red grape, I believe many people like it very much. Red grape is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, which is usually used as raw material of grape juice or wine. In addition, red grape also has high medicinal value. It can restore skin whiteness, delicacy and smoothness. It can also improve allergic constitution and remove wrinkles. And red grape varieties are more, so what are the red grape varieties?

there are many varieties of red grapes, more than 8000 in the world, and there are about 500 kinds in China. Among them, the most famous red grape in China is the Pearl like “longan”, which tastes very fresh and sweet. Let’s give you a detailed introduction of red grape varieties and classification.

grape is a deciduous vine. It is palmately leafy, 3-5-cleft, with complex racemes, usually conical in shape. The berries are mostly round or oval, and the color varies with varieties.


human beings began to cultivate this kind of fruit tree long ago, accounting for almost a quarter of the world’s fruit production; It has high nutritional value and can be made into grape juice, raisin and wine.

, produced in

1, Camry, Burgundy, France and California, USA, is used to make fresh red wine and rose red wine. 2. Cinfando, mainly grown in France and California, is used to make red wine. 3. Chamena and gerhus chamena are widely planted in Alsace, France, Rhine, Germany and Italy. They can produce white wine with unique taste. 4. Pinot Noir, the main grape in Burgundy, France, can make excellent red wine and champagne. 5. Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in Bordeaux, California, Australia and Shandong Province. 6. Merlot is planted in Bordeaux, northern Italy, Switzerland and other countries to make red wine. 7. Shiraz, mainly grown in Longqu, France and Australia, is used to make excellent red wine.

grape seed is a beauty saint. Its attack effect is 20 times of vitamin C and 50 times of vitamin E. He is known in Europe as a natural body cosmetics, edible cosmetics, its main attack effect is: the removal of ectopic dermatitis skin, dry skin, spots, wrinkles, relaxation, melanin deposition, from the production of muscle beauty to cancer prevention, set off a revolution to restore youth.

red grape variety

has more than 8000 varieties in the world and more than 500 varieties in China. Famous such as: purple round, pearly “longan”, known as the “Pearl of the north”. Jufeng is the most popular fresh fruit variety on the market.

according to varieties, can be divided into fresh grape varieties and wine grape varieties, we usually see grapes are fresh grapes. Wine grape belongs to the family ampelidecese. All wine grape varieties belong to the family Vitis among the 10 families and genera of ampelidecese, among which the species Vitis vinifera is the most important, because 99.99% of the world’s wine is brewed with Vitis vinifera( Vitis vinifera is a European variety used to make good wines. There are more than 8000 grape varieties that can make wine in the world, but there are only about 50 grape varieties that can make good wine, which can be divided into white grape and red grape. White grape, the color has green, yellow and so on. It is mainly used for brewing bubble wine and white wine. Red grapes, black, blue, purple, dark red, dark flesh, and flesh are white like grapes. So red grapes of white meat can be made after making peeled juice, such as (PinotNoir) can be used to make champagne and Baijiu baijiu.

medicinal value

1, red grape seed extract can play the effect of rejuvenating skin. 2. It can make the skin delicate and smooth. 3. It has the effect of improving allergic constitution. 4. It has the effect of removing spots. 5. It can improve wrinkles and relax. 6. It can turn dry skin into moist skin. 7. Radiation protection is very effective for people who use computers and mobile phones for a long time. 8. It can prevent the skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays, and regulate the skin to prevent ultraviolet rays from the body. 9. Treatment of female menstrual syndrome(

red wine is a kind of alcoholic beverage made from fruit and grape with red peel after fermentation. Grape wine has the highest glucose content in fruits. After storage and fermentation, there will be wine taste. Therefore, grape is not only a good fruit, but also a delicious wine. Wine is the most popular monosaccharide wine with the largest production in the world, and red wine has a large share in the whole wine. Red wine brands in China mainly include Great Wall red wine and Changyu dry red wine. Generally, red wine is called dry red. Red wine is red and festive in color. It is often one of the first choice for people to celebrate.

after reading the above detailed introduction of red grape varieties and their classification, I believe you have a general understanding of red grapes. Red grape is an excellent beauty and skin care product for women, especially for women’s skin. It can effectively remove freckles and wrinkles, make the skin more tender, prevent radiation, and treat menopausal symptoms. You might as well choose red grapes to eat at home!

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