Red tomato can prevent cancer

Red tomato can prevent cancer

red tomato can prevent cancer

as we all know, lycopene is the most concerned ingredient in tomato, which is famous for its strong antioxidant effect. Studies have shown that lycopene can eliminate the free radicals that lead to aging and diseases, and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. More importantly, lycopene can prevent the process of prostate cancer, and effectively reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer and other cancers. But what kind of tomato has high lycopene content?

tomato varieties, color, maturity, and even different production seasons are the important reasons to determine the lycopene content. The data showed that the content of lycopene in yellow tomato was very low, only 0.3 mg per 100 g; Red varieties of tomato content is higher, generally 2 ~ 3 mg per 100 grams, up to 20 mg. Generally speaking, the redder the tomato is, the higher the lycopene content is. The content of lycopene in immature and semi mature green tomatoes is relatively low, that is to say, the redder the tomato is, the more cancer prevention is. In addition, the content of lycopene in summer tomatoes is relatively high, which is mainly because the content of lycopene is greatly increased due to the abundant sunshine and long illumination time in summer; In winter, the content of lycopene in tomato planted in greenhouse is relatively low. In addition to tomatoes, cherry fruit is also rich in lycopene, and the redder the color, the higher the lycopene, the better the anti-cancer effect.

finally, we need to remind you that both tomatoes and cherry tomatoes are best eaten with skin, because the skin contains dietary fiber to help prevent constipation and lycopene to help prevent cancer.

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