Regular eating of fried dough sticks is equal to eating six kinds of hazards. It is recommended to make self-made healthy and reassuring fried dough sticks

. Fried dough sticks are daily

. Regular eating of fried dough sticks is equal to eating six kinds of hazards

. It is not easy to digest

fried dough sticks. Repeated use of fried dough sticks will cause oil aging, darkening color, increasing viscosity and increasing odor, The nutrients in oil, such as fatty acids and vitamins, are all destroyed by oxidation. Unsaturated fatty acids polymerize to form macromolecular compounds such as dimers and polymers, which are not easy to be digested and absorbed by the body.

has high risk of disease.

the elderly have less food intake, weakened gastrointestinal function, and are prone to vitamin B1 and B2 deficiency. Among the fried dough sticks, the damage to these two vitamins is the biggest. Coupled with the harmful substances produced by high temperature oil, the elderly who eat too much fried dough sticks are prone to coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, which affect their health.

may cause cancer

fried dough sticks are high-temperature fried food. When cooking fried dough sticks, the oil temperature is as high as 190 ℃. High temperature oil may cause cancer. All kinds of polymers, especially dimers, produced by repeated high temperature heating of unsaturated fatty acids in oil are highly toxic. These substances may affect human growth and development, reduce fertility, and cause abnormal liver function.

Affect the body recovery

for convalescent patients, eating too much fried dough sticks is difficult to digest, will affect appetite and sleep. Moreover, most of the nutrients in fried dough sticks are destroyed, and high-temperature frying will produce carcinogens. Patients can not get nutritional supplements after eating, but also affect the recovery and health of the body.

affect the growth and development of children

for developing children, eating too much fried dough sticks will make fatty acids in high-temperature oil combine with calcium in the intestinal tract to form soap calcium, which is discharged from the intestinal tract, thus affecting children’s absorption of calcium and affecting children’s normal development.


fried food is delicious because of its high oil, high salt and high calorie. The continuous increase of these three highs can easily lead to your body becoming fatter and fatter. Obesity and overweight are the fuse of many diseases. Please pay attention.

Young children who are not suitable for eating fried dough sticks are


, respectively. Fatty acids in high-temperature oil form soapy calcium with calcium in the intestines, which is eliminated from the intestines and affects children’s calcium absorption, It is easy to cause children’s partial food and affect their normal development. In addition, even healthy adults, eating fried dough sticks is not good for their health, so we should try to eat less or not. Main ingredients: Flour 200g, milk 105g, sugar 15g, salad oil 25g, yeast 3G, half egg, baking soda 2G, salt 2G.

accessories: 400g salad oil, appropriate amount of sugar powder.


1, put the medium flour in the basin, the yeast is boiled with warm water and added into the flour.

2. Add milk.

3, add 25g salad oil.

4, add sugar and salt.

5. Add half of the egg liquid.

6, knead into smooth dough.

7. Ferment in a warm place for 30 minutes. Ferment in my oven at low temperature.

8. Boil baking soda with warm water, dip it in by hand and knead it into the fermented dough.

9. Cover the dough and ferment again to twice the size.

10, then exhaust and wake up for 15 minutes.

11, cut into 2 cm strips, fold the 2 pieces together, and press them in the middle with chopsticks.

12. Add oil into a small pot and heat it to 60% or 70%. Put in the fried dough sticks. Gently lengthen the two ends and pinch them tightly.

13, with chopsticks kept turning, deep fried until golden.

14. Remove the excess oil with kitchen tissue.

15. Sprinkle some sugar powder when eating.

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