Remember five unhealthy things for dinner. Longevity is not the seven taboos of eating dinner. To avoid

dinner as the end of the day’s tiredness, remember five for dinner; No & quot;

1. Dinner is not too late,

dinner needs time to digest, generally four or five hours after eating dinner, is the time to urinate, if the dinner time is relatively late, one is not conducive to food digestion, the other is to make the human body urinate time and sleep time coincide, thus affecting the urethra.

2. Don’t eat too much dinner

. Don’t eat too much dinner. Eating too much dinner is related to many diseases. For example, a full dinner will make the stomach oppress other parts, which will make the brain excited. Therefore, a full dinner will affect people’s sleep, and even cause neurasthenia. Moreover, overeating is also associated with obesity, diabetes and other diseases. Too much heat is directly related to coronary heart disease. If you eat too many calories, the result is the accumulation of cholesterol. It’s coronary heart disease, one of the causes of atherosclerosis.

4. Don’t eat much meat for dinner

. Don’t eat too much meat for dinner. The influence of meat on people is not only the problem of digestion, but also has a great connection with high blood sugar and high blood fat. Don’t drink too much at dinner

if you drink too much at dinner, you will eat a lot of food, so it is likely to cause the attack of acute pancreatitis, serious may die. If you need to drink for dinner, pay attention to the right amount, not excessive.

Seven taboos for dinner

always eat leftovers

many people are afraid of waste and always eat leftovers at night. Statistics found that many pancreatitis, especially the incidence of acute pancreatitis, are related to unhealthy eating habits, such as overeating, eating bad food and so on. In particular, high protein content of fish and meat may lead to bacterial infection and further induce pancreatic lesions.

eat gas producing food

eat some food that will produce more gas in the process of digestion in the evening, such as beans, cabbage, green cauliflower, green pepper, eggplant, potato, taro, corn, banana, bread, citrus fruits and drinks and desserts added with Xylitol (sweetener), which will cause abdominal distension and hinder normal sleep.

eating too spicy

more and more people like spicy dinner, such as hot pot, spicy pot, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, etc. & lt; Heavy taste & quot; Restaurants are often full at night.

if you eat too salty and spicy food in the evening, such as eating a lot of spicy food such as chili, garlic and raw onion, it is easy to cause burning sensation in the intestines and stomach, resulting in gastroesophageal reflux or constipation, dry stool, indigestion and other problems, thus interfering with sleep.

love to drink soup

people who can’t eat at night usually cook meat soup as dinner to supplement their body needs.

spareribs soup, pig’s Trotter soup and other fat content is very high, especially for cardiovascular harmful saturated fat content is very high, not often drink. In addition, patients with hypertension, not suitable for drinking too salty soup. Gout patients should not drink seafood soup, because the purine content is high.

“ It’s cold and sticky;

raw and cold food generally refers to relatively cool food without cooking treatment, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, raw tomatoes and other raw and cold fruits, or cold cucumber, cold jellyfish and other cold dishes. Sticky and hard, refers to the dumplings, new year’s cake, cut cake and other difficult to digest food, as well as dry fried, dry fried, dry hard food with little water.

in the evening, the stomach needs mild digestion. After these foods enter the stomach, they will directly affect the work of the stomach, make the digestive activity become abnormally hyperactive, and easily lead to acute and chronic gastritis and other stomach diseases.

excessive drinking

some people like to drink wine before going to bed to help sleep, some people are forced to drink at night, but no matter what kind of situation, should try to eliminate.

drinking before going to bed can make many harmful substances in wine accumulate in the body, poison the body, damage the retina, reduce the resistance, and make snoring and sleep apnea syndrome significantly worse.

therefore, try to ensure that you don’t drink alcohol within 4-6 hours before going to bed, and have less evening social activities. If you have to drink wine before going to bed, you’d better drink some green tea to relieve alcohol, or drink some warm milk to protect gastric mucosa.

people with poor gastrointestinal and anorexia usually have weak fat digestion ability. If you want to drink soup, you should skim most of the oil. Therefore, meat soup is not suitable for eating at night, choose to eat at noon is better.

likes to eat desserts

many people like to eat desserts after dinner, but too sweet and greasy things are easy to cause burden on gastrointestinal digestion.

on the other hand, less activity after dinner, sugar in desserts is difficult to break down in the body, and then it will be converted into fat, easy to cause obesity. In the long run, there is also the possibility of cardiovascular disease.

The correct way to eat dinner

first of all, it is recommended to eat dinner between 5 pm and 7 pm and try to keep it regular. Even if office workers can’t guarantee to eat on time every day, they’d better eat biscuits and snacks when they work overtime to avoid eating too much dinner. Before dinner, think about what you had for breakfast and lunch, and make up for the lack of nutrition in the evening.

second, dinner to ensure the diversity of food, pay attention to nutrition. Eat more vegetables and coarse grains, so as to intake more dietary fiber, increase gastrointestinal motility, help digestion. Finally, don’t be half hearted when eating. Talking, watching TV, playing mobile phones, etc. will distract the attention of eating, affect the secretion of chewing and digestive juice, and increase the burden on the stomach.

if you want to lose weight effectively and healthily, you can change your dinner to fruit, so you can stay away from greasy meals, but remember to eat breakfast and lunch according to normal diet. But the content of vitamin B1, iron, zinc and other elements in fruits is very low, and the content of protein is also insufficient. Therefore, you can add a cup of yogurt or milk at night to make up for the lack of protein.

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