Research on the harm of barbecue smoked and fried food shows that barbecue smoked and fried food is not safe

barbecue smoked and fried food can be said to be coveted food in the streets and alleys, and has been put on the table. Occasionally eating barbecue, smoked and fried food can naturally satisfy one’s cravings, but it is not good for one’s health if eating a large amount for a long time. Cancer is considered to be the leading cause of human death; The number one killer;, There are carcinogenic factors in barbecue, smoked and fried foods. Frequent consumption may increase the risk of cancer. Let’s have a look at it.

It is said that human beings discovered that fire was caused by burning animals in the forest. Since then, they have tasted the delicious taste of barbecue. Today, the smell of smoked and fried food is fragrant, It’s delicious, but it’s still mouth watering. If this kind of food is tasted at the dinner table, it is inevitable to eat a small amount of it. If you eat a large amount of it, it may be harmful to your health. Chemists in the study of cancer etiology, found a strong carcinogen benzopyrene, it belongs to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and smoked fried food.

carcinogens produced by smoked and fried meat are related to processing methods and conditions. In food processing, if the oil temperature is too high, animal protein food will decompose carcinogenic mutagens after frying, frying and other high-temperature treatment. Even roasted and burnt cereals should be careful. This kind of material comes from frying, so it will not be destroyed by high temperature. Some people used high temperature heated oil to feed rats. After several months, gastric ulcer, gastric papilloma, liver tumor, lung cancer, breast cancer and other tumors were found. Therefore, fried food oil must be fresh, and old oil can not be used for a long time. Market vendors sometimes turn the oil pan black and are still frying and Hawking. The residual oil of fried food should not be kept for a long time and must be replaced in time.

too high oil temperature is also one of the causes of carcinogens. Unsaturated fatty acids in food will accelerate oxidation to saturated fatty acids under high temperature. Eating this kind of oil will also increase cholesterol in the blood. The higher the oil temperature is, the faster the oil fume evaporates. Some foreign experiments have proved that the oil fume evaporated when the oil temperature is 180 degrees is easy to cause lung cancer. Therefore, kitchen work should reduce the absorption of oil fume, reduce the oil temperature, maintain ventilation and reduce the inhalation of operators.

there is a correlation between the way of smoked food and the content of carcinogens. The content of benzopyrene is very high when smoked by charcoal fire. If smoked by charcoal fire in the furnace, it will be higher. The toxicity of daily barbecue can not be ignored.

barbecue way has developed from the traditional street kebab to a variety of barbecue dishes. Research shows that there are at least 400 carcinogens in barbecue food, and benzopyrene is the most harmful one. Benzopyrene can not only enter the respiratory tract through the smoke of barbecue, but also enter the digestive tract through barbecue, causing cancer such as gastric cancer and colon cancer. The survey also found that women who love to eat barbecue are 3 times less likely to have breast cancer than love barbecue women.

in addition, there may be some parasites in the barbecue that have not been inactivated due to incomplete roasting. Moreover, the fatter the meat is, the more fat it contains, the more carcinogens it produces, especially the carcinogens in the roasted meat slices. Among the ten most unhealthy foods published by the World Health Organization, barbecue is one of the most prominent ones, and it is considered that barbecue, like tobacco and alcohol, is harmful to people’s health; Dagger & quot;. Barbecue and deep fried foods with high fat content and high calorie are closely related to the incidence of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

in the process of cooking, a large amount of oil is usually used. When the oil is exposed to high temperature, its chemical structure will change and produce harmful substances that are not conducive to human health. Especially in the food containing animal protein, such as beef, pork, mutton and other meat products, a large number of benzopyrene and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons can be detected by frying and roasting. Xinjiang people love smoked mutton most, one is because it tastes delicious, the other is because it is easy to preserve. However, this diet has also made this area a high risk area for gastric and cardiac cancer.

The PAHs in food come from the following aspects:

1; On the other hand, animal food will secrete oil and form benzopyrene, which is the main source of carcinogens in smoked food.

2. Ink pollution: ink contains carbon black, which contains a variety of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Many baked foods like to be packaged with food wrapping paper, and the PAHs on the wrapping paper will pollute the food when heated.

3. Environmental pollution: when the air, water and soil contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the plants will be polluted through the biological cycle, such as grain, fruit and other foods are usually polluted in this way.

How to eat in barbecue is healthy

the reason why smoked and fried foods produce carcinogens is mainly related to the processing methods, especially the foods containing animal protein, which are treated with high oil temperature such as smoked, roasted, fried and fried, It breaks down mutagens that can cause cancer. Long term consumption of high temperature heated oil can cause gastric ulcer, lung cancer, breast cancer and other diseases. Therefore, it is best not to eat barbecue, especially burnt food. If frying is needed, the oil used must be fresh. Household oil should not be kept for a long time and must be replaced in time.

when the oil temperature is too high, the unsaturated fatty acids in food will accelerate oxidation into saturated fatty acids, and eating this kind of food will increase the cholesterol level. The higher the oil temperature is, the faster the oil fume evaporates. When the oil temperature reaches 180 ℃, the oil fume will enter the respiratory tract and induce lung cancer. Therefore, in cooking, it is advisable to reduce the oil temperature and maintain ventilation. When frying food, the temperature should not be too high, for already burnt food, it is best not to eat. Many low protein foods rich in carbohydrates, including starches, can produce a carcinogen called acrylamide after frying and high temperature. In the usual choice of food processing methods, advocate green, scientific, reasonable, more use of steaming, boiling, stewing, blanching, less use of burning, baking, smoked, fried.

of course, barbecue is not to eat, but must eat healthy. First of all, in the barbecue food, wrapped in a layer of tin foil outside the food, can avoid too many carcinogens attached to the food. Secondly, barbecue should choose electric baking, not open fire baking, because open fire baking will produce more carcinogens. Finally, try to eat less fat, roasted meat to remove fat after eating, must not eat burnt parts. In addition, the grill is usually put on the grate, in order to maintain health, the grate should be changed frequently.

tips: the occurrence of cancer is not only related to living environment, but also related to diet. In daily life, many foods contain dangerous carcinogens, such as fried dough sticks, Mahua and so on. Whether you are dining out or cooking at home, you should pay attention to reasonable diet, balanced diet, meat and vegetable collocation is a more nutritious and healthy dish. Based on less salt, sugar and oil, we should eat more fruits and vegetables, and moderately eat lean meat, fish and shrimp, milk, eggs and other foods.

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