Reveal the “temper” of several common edible oils

Uncover the secrets of several common edible oils; Temper & quot;

uncovers the secrets of several common edible oils; Temper & quot;

do you know the quality of edible oil; Temper & quot; It’s not the same. Some of them are grumpy, and low temperature can’t make them; Cooling & quot;, When encountering high temperature, there will be & lt; Temper & quot;, Release harmful substances, while some people are milder, a little cooler will & lt; Calm down; Come down and solidify.

now we will help you find out the temper of common edible oils and teach you to live in peace with them.

the most mild temper oil:

palm oil, lard, butter, etc. This kind of oil has a large proportion of saturated fatty acids. It will solidify when it is a little cooler. It has the best heat resistance and less oxidative polymerization after being heated for a long time. As the most mild tempered oil, it is suitable for frying.

palm oil is often used in a variety of fried foods, including instant noodles and chips. It is rich in vitamin E and carotene, but it will be destroyed when frying. Butter is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D, children can eat a small amount, the elderly should be strictly limited. Lard and butter contain few vitamins, and because people have gained the fat when they eat pork and beef everyday, cooking with these oils will easily lead to excessive saturated fatty acids, which is not conducive to the prevention of hypertension and coronary heart disease.


peanut oil, sesame oil, rice oil (rice bran oil). Although the linoleic acid content is also relatively high, it is lower than soybean oil and corn oil. It is not particularly irritable and has better heat resistance. It may be turbid or even coagulated at low temperature in winter.

peanut oil and rice oil have good heat resistance and are suitable for cooking. The aroma of sesame oil can not be heated at high temperature. It can only be used in cold mix, dipping or soup.

moderate temper oil:

olive oil, tea seed oil, mustard oil. This kind of oil is especially rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid. It doesn’t solidify in the refrigerator. It has good heat resistance and relatively mild temper.

light green virgin olive oil contains more free fatty acids and photosensitive chlorophyll, which is not suitable for frying, but is best used for cold. Yellow refined olive oil can be used to stir fry and stew, just need to control the temperature, do not smoke. Tea seed oil and mustard oil also have good heat resistance and are suitable for cooking.


soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower seed oil. This kind of oil is generally rich in linoleic acid. Because linoleic acid is not heat-resistant, it is easy to oxidize and polymerize after frying or repeated heating, producing harmful substances, which is very harmful to health. They are not easy to store even in the refrigerator; Calm down; Come down, it won’t solidify.

oil with high unsaturation is most suitable for stewing, and it is not appropriate to fry food with them. It can also be used for daily cooking, but it is necessary to control the heating temperature and try not to let the pot emit a lot of fumes.

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