Revealing the benefits of eating pineapple in spring:

revealing the benefits of eating pineapple in spring; It can also be used for nephritis, edema, cough and phlegm.

2, promote body metabolism, eliminate fatigue

pineapple contains vitamin B1, can enhance human metabolism, effectively remove fatigue. In addition, it is also good for beauty and health.

3, increase appetite

, eat pineapple to quench thirst and appetizer in spring. Pineapple contains aromatic components, can promote saliva secretion, increase appetite.

4, promote digestion

pineapple contains proteolytic enzymes, which can decompose protein, fat, etc., can promote digestion. Eating pineapple is the most beneficial after eating greasy meat.

5, prevention of constipation

pineapple contains a lot of food fiber, which can promote defecation and prevent constipation.

eating pineapple taboo

1 is not suitable for everyone.

although pineapple is delicious, but its sour taste is strong and has a cooling effect, so it is not suitable for everyone. People suffering from hypotension and visceral ptosis should try to eat less pineapple to avoid aggravating the disease; Afraid of cold, frail female friends to eat pineapple is best controlled within half, too thin or want to gain weight should not eat more.

2, do not eat too much,

pineapple contains more oxalic acid, excessive consumption is harmful to the stomach, so eat should be appropriate, not because delicious and eat too much at a time, affect health. In fact, no matter what kind of food you eat too much or too much, it’s not good. The more appropriate way is to be cautious; The golden mean;, Only by mastering the scale can we eat healthily.

3, pineapple and eggs can not be eaten together

the protein in eggs combines with the fruit acid in pineapple, which makes the protein coagulate easily and affects digestion. Because pineapple contains stimulating glycosides and bromelain, the peel and thorn should be cleaned, the flesh should be cut into pieces, soaked in dilute salt water or sugar water, and then eaten.

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