Scientific tea drinking promotes health care awareness about tea related taboos

Chinese people love tea, tea has a variety of functions, many friends are in love with tea. However, experts pointed out that people who can’t drink tea can drink tea, and people who are drunk can drink tea. Many people think so and do the same, but this practice is really not good. Because tea is a kind of drink that makes people excited, and it’s exciting enough when they’re drunk. When the two are combined, the heart load will become too heavy. So don’t drink tea when you’re drunk.

feverish patients

can’t drink tea when they have a fever, because the caffeine in tea will raise the temperature of the human body, and when we take drugs only when we have a fever, it will reduce its efficacy.

people with neurasthenia

drinking tea can help us to refresh, as you probably know, many people will choose to drink tea to refresh when they are sleepy. But if you are a neurasthenic group, don’t drink tea at this time, because the nerves are already weak. Drinking tea again will aggravate the symptoms of neurasthenia.

Pregnant women

, but this is true, because the caffeine and tea polyphenols contained in tea will affect the development of the fetus in the stomach, and drinking tea often will lead to problems in the intellectual development of the fetus.

gastric ulcer patients

tea is a kind of stimulating drink of gastric acid secretion, often drinking tea will cause a lot of gastric acid secretion, and if there is a lot of gastric acid in patients with gastric ulcer, it is easy to increase the area of ulcer, make the disease worse.

people with malnutrition

drinking tea has an effect of decomposing fat. If you are a person with malnutrition, if you drink tea again, there will be fat decomposing for you, which will only make you more malnourished.


caffeine and aromatic substances in tea are stimulants, which can excite the central nervous system and cerebral cortex, accelerate the heartbeat and make people unable to sleep for a long time.

anemia patients

anemia patients are mostly iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency in the human body affects the synthesis of hemoglobin in the body. Patients will appear pale, dizzy, fatigue, shortness of breath, easy to get tired, and heart rate will accelerate with a little effort. There are many reasons for iron deficiency, including dieting to lose weight, eating whole vegetable, intestinal diseases unable to absorb iron, taking a large number of antacids to prevent iron from entering the intestinal intima, resulting in excessive menstrual blood, frequent nosebleed, ulcer bleeding, chronic hemorrhoids bleeding, etc. Drinking tea is also the cause of iron deficiency anemia.

What kind of tea can’t be drunk?

the first brewed tea

if you are a person who can drink tea, you will basically pour out the first brewed tea, but if you don’t know, you will choose the first brewed tea. So why can’t I drink the first tea? This is because when we make tea, we will inevitably encounter some dirty things. When we make the first tea, we can regard it as washing tea. So the first time you make tea, you can’t drink it.

tea brewed too long

tea will make caffeine and tea polyphenols all brewed out and become strong tea if it is soaked too long. And at this time, the fragrance of the tea has all evaporated, and the nutrition in the tea has all gone, which will reduce the efficiency of the tea. So you can’t drink tea that has been brewed too long.

who can’t drink tea? Tea health effect is good, but did not grasp the taboo point, tea for nothing. Therefore, the majority of friends should learn to drink tea correctly and healthily. The above briefly introduces some taboo points about drinking tea. I hope that friends who pay attention to health care can firmly grasp it, drink tea scientifically, and improve their awareness of health care, so that your body will be better and better!

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