Screen window cleaning: how to clean invisible screen window

screen window is the easiest to get dirty, and it is also very troublesome to clean. Here are some good methods to clean screen window.

[1] wipe while dragging

even if some invisible screens can be removed, it is also very difficult. Most people will pull down all the invisible screens and try to clean them. It is better to clean them directly on the windows. Screen is not easy to clean, in fact, there is a good way, you might as well try. The screen is not completely down, but pulled out and wiped a little. In this way, the rag is always at the root of the screen window, so that the dust can be easily wiped out with strength.

[2] wash the screen with a watering can. Use a water spout to clean with a cloth while spraying water, but it is better to use a water spout with high pressure, so that the impact of water is greater and dirt is easier to wash out. If the screen can be removed, it can also be washed by the shower nozzle. Inspired by the powerful watering can, some housewives think of using a pressure water gun to clean the screen window. According to the feedback of users who have used it, the cleaning effect is very good.

[3] clean with vacuum cleaner. That is to put a newspaper outside the screen window. It’s better to fix the newspaper with the glass window outside the screen window. Don’t let the newspaper run around. If it’s true, just hold it with your hand. Then use the vacuum cleaner close to the screen window to suck away the dust and dirty things bit by bit from the inside. The advantage of this method is that it is convenient and clean, and does not need water, which can ensure the dryness of the floor.

[4] clean with soaked newspaper

use waste newspaper at home to clean screen window. Wet the newspaper and paste it on the screen window. After drying, remove it and paste a new wet newspaper. Repeat several times to clean the screen window.

[5] clean with sponge. This method has been seen by reporters in TV programs, and some friends around have tried this method, indicating that the effect is good.

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