Seafood can’t be eaten with what

seafood can’t be eaten with what

1 seafood can’t be eaten with cold food.

seafood is cold in nature. It is best to avoid eating with some cold food, such as cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables. After meals, you should not drink some iced drinks like soda, ice-cream, ice-cream, and pay attention to eat less or no watermelon, pear and other cold fruits, so as to avoid discomfort.

2, seafood can not be eaten with a lot of vitamin C.

shrimp, crab and other crustacean seafood contain a certain high concentration of & lt; Pentavalent arsenic;, It is harmless to human body, but when taking a large amount of vitamin C at the same time, it is not harmful to human body; Pentavalent arsenic & quot; It will turn into & lt; Trivalent arsenic & quot( Arsenic trioxide, commonly known as arsenic, can lead to acute arsenic poisoning; Serious cases can be life-threatening.

3. Seafood should not be eaten with fruits.

fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood are rich in protein, calcium (calcium food) and other nutrients. Fruits contain more tannic acid. If you eat seafood immediately, it will not only affect the absorption of protein by the human body. Calcium in seafood will also combine with tannic acid in fruits to form insoluble calcium, which will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and even cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. It’s best to eat more than 2 hours apart.

4. Seafood cannot be eaten with beer and red wine.

drinking a lot of beer while eating seafood will produce too much uric acid, which will lead to gout. Excessive uric acid can deposit in joints or soft tissues, causing inflammation of joints and soft tissues.

what can’t you eat seafood?

seafood is an acidic food. It’s best to eat it with vegetables, fruits, beans and other alkaline food to play the role of acid-base balance in the human body.

many people know that shrimps and other soft shelled foods contain high concentrations of pentavalent arsenic compounds, which combine with a large amount of vitamin C and turn into toxic arsenic. So, why do we suggest that you eat more vegetables and fruits with vitamin C when you eat seafood? Is it dangerous to eat them like this?

in fact, a one-time intake of 50 medium-sized apples, or 30 pears, or 10 oranges, or raw green leafy vegetables of more than 1.5 kg, is a large dose of vitamin C intake. It is not dangerous to eat fruits or vegetables at the same time as shrimp as long as the above amount is not exceeded. In addition, if after heating cooking process, vitamin C in food will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when eating seafood, it’s better to eat fried vegetables and less salad.

in addition, we can also choose vegetables with low vitamin C content, such as lettuce, carrot, black fungus, Lentinus edodes, rape, etc., instead of sweet pepper, cauliflower, cabbage, balsam pear, amaranth and other vegetables with high vitamin C content. In fruits, it is also best to choose apples and pears, avoid kiwi fruit, oranges, persimmons and other foods with high vitamin C content.

drink more protein drinks. When you eat seafood, you’d better drink some non-alcoholic drinks, such as cola, or protein drinks such as coconut juice and almond syrup. Because it contains carbohydrate and protein, not only will not produce harmful substances with seafood, but also a beneficial supplement to seafood nutrition. The reason why we don’t mix fruit juice and alcoholic drinks is that alcohol can lead to the increase of uric acid level in blood and induce gout; Most fruit juice is the essence of fruit, which contains higher vitamin C.

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