Seasonal fruits available in the first half of the year are of great benefit to the human body.

fruits are one of the sources of supplementary nutrition for our human body. In addition, different fruits appear on the market in a year, and there are seasonal fruits in each month. After natural breeding, these fruits conform to the growth law and have higher nutritional value. Although, because of human wisdom, we can also eat a lot & quot; Off season & quot; Fruit, but this kind of fruit violates the law of growth cycle, its nutritional value is slightly inferior. What seasonal fruits can we eat in the first half of the year? How to eat it? After data collection, the following contents are sorted out.

1 June: Persimmon

persimmon is a kind of fruit that people like to eat. It is sweet, greasy and delicious with high nutritional value. Moreover, it is far more effective than apple in the prevention of cardiac arteriosclerosis, which can be called the fruit king of heart health. So & lt; An apple a day is better than a persimmon a day;.

but need to pay attention to is:

one, had better not eat persimmon on an empty stomach. Because eating persimmon on an empty stomach has a great chance of leading to stones, which is what we often say; Persimmon stone;, It affects human health very much.

2. Don’t eat skin together. Persimmon peel is the main place of acid deposition. If you eat persimmon peel together, it may increase the incidence of abdominal pain and nausea. 3. Gargle after eating. Persimmon is high in sugar and pectin. If it remains in the teeth, it is easy to erode the teeth and form dental caries, so it is best to gargle after eating.

four, can’t eat with sweet potato. If they are in the same stomach, it is likely to lead to tannin precipitation in persimmon and affect the normal function of human stomach.

2: Sugarcane

sugarcane can be divided into fruit sugarcane and sugar sugarcane according to its use, among which fruit sugarcane is specially used for fresh food. It is the only stem fruit in fruits, which is not only high in sugar, but also sweet in juice; Sugar water warehouse;, But also can provide the human body needs nutrition and heat.

but we need to pay attention to:

first, there are words among the people; April cane is poisonous to snakes;, This is not to say that sugarcane in April can not be eaten, but the weather in April is warm, and some sugarcane begin to appear pathological changes, redness and mildew. This kind of sugarcane must not be practical, and it has great toxicity. Do not be careless.

2. In addition to eating raw, we can also cut it into small pieces, put it in the pot and cook for about ten minutes, then peel it while it’s hot for better taste.

3 June: pineapple

pineapple is one of people’s favorite fruits with golden color, rich flavor, sweet and sour taste, crisp and juicy. It is rich in nutrition, rich in a large number of human growth elements. In addition, pineapple contains a protein called & lt; Pineapple prion enzyme & quot; It can break down protein, improve local blood circulation, and help eliminate inflammation and edema.

but it should be noted that:

1. Some people will have allergic reactions after eating. For example, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, skin flushing, itching, numbness of limbs and tongue, dyspnea, shock and other reactions are more serious. Therefore, strawberry is known as & lt; strawberry; The queen of fruit;. Its fruit is soft and juicy, sweet and sour, beautiful in appearance and rich in aroma. It is a fruit with complete color, aroma and taste. And it is rich in a variety of vitamin nutrients, especially vitamin C, seven to ten times higher than Apple grapes. In addition, strawberry is also rich in dietary fiber and pectin, it can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote food digestion, so as to improve constipation.

it should be noted that:

1. Although strawberries can be eaten all the year round, they ripen from February to March. April to May is the peak harvest season. Strawberries taste the best at this stage.

2. How to choose delicious strawberries. There are many kinds of strawberries on the market with different prices. We can choose them from the following aspects: first, choose strawberries with dry surface and no wound, so that the skin cells of strawberries are complete and can be preserved for a longer time; Second, the strawberry with dark red color has higher maturity and sweetness; Third, there are white fluff, strawberry skin will find that there are some white fluff, if the strawberry water shortage will lead to fluff off or lying down.

3. The appearance of normal strawberries is heart-shaped, while some abnormal strawberries have convex appearance and hollow after biting. It’s better not to eat this kind of strawberries.

4. Before eating strawberries, be sure to take strawberries and wash them with water. If necessary, soak them in light salt water and rice washing water for five minutes, so as to wash away a lot of agricultural residues and bacteria, so as not to cause diarrhea.

6 Month: Cherry

has bright and beautiful appearance, red as agate and yellow as congealed fat. Its fruit is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. Among them, the content of iron is high, ranking first in fruits, which is very suitable for anemia women and children. In addition, according to experts, cherry also has an important effect: it can relieve the muscle pain symptoms of computer workers, which is of great benefit to the human body.

but we need to pay attention to:

1. Don’t eat more. Cherry is good, but don’t eat more. Because in addition to containing more iron, it also contains a certain amount of cyanoside, too much food will cause iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning. Therefore, we must control the consumption.

2. The relationship between cherries and cherries. In fact, cherries are divided into big cherries and small cherries. Small cherries have thin skin and are not easy to store and transport. If they are not in the origin, we can hardly eat them. But big cherry is different, its peel is thicker, easy to store and transport. So, to put it simply, cherizi is actually a foreign cherry, while a domestic cherry is called a big cherry. But the two are different. The first is appearance and taste. The color of cherry fruit is dark red. The fruit is large, solid and juicy, dense and sweet; The taste of domestic cherry is hard, often with obvious acid taste. The second is the price. Because of the import and export trade relations, chelizi has to pay relevant taxes when entering China, so the price is slightly higher.

fruit, only in the corresponding month to eat the corresponding fruit, can the fruit nutrition play to the maximum. However, when you eat fruit, you must pay attention to whether you are allergic to the fruit. Eat carefully and keep healthy.

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