Seasoning warms spleen and stomach and helps metabolism

Seasoning warms the spleen and stomach and helps metabolism

seasoning warms the spleen and stomach and helps metabolism

. However, if you want to improve obesity and cold hands and feet from a healthy diet, Huang Huijuan suggests that people who are prone to obesity due to Qi deficiency should avoid cold and raw food and use warm herbs, such as Aucklandia, Amomum villosum, lentils, cardamom, fennel and clove, Invigorating Qi, strengthening spleen and promoting metabolism. People who are afraid of trouble can also grind herbs into powder and add a small amount to the diet to warm the spleen and stomach, improve metabolism and help lose weight.

fat burning seasoning

ingredients: Aucklandia, Amomum villosum, lentils, cardamom, fennel, clove, 5 grams each.

method: grind the above herbs into fine powder in the same proportion, mix them well to form seasoning, which can be used in general diet, stewing and cooking to add food flavor.

Description: above herbs have the characteristics of warming and tonifying the spleen and stomach, slightly spicy taste, can warm the limbs, promote the basic metabolism, help protein decomposition, help the human body absorb and generate energy, provide good and more lasting weight loss combat effectiveness, further away from the success of thin body. However, the daily intake of this kind of fat burning seasoning is only 3 to 5 grams per person, and the overall diet should also reduce salt, so as to avoid excessive potassium ion leading to edema.

dry and hot constitution needs to throw oil & lt; Cold treatment & quot; It is worth noting that the above-mentioned metabolic weight loss method of warming body is only suitable for obese people with weak constitution, not for people with dry and hot constitution. Obese people with dry and hot constitution are easy to have symptoms such as excessive fire, constipation and hyperappetence. Using warm medicinal materials to regulate is equal to adding fire to the fire. Strong stomach fire is more likely to cause stagnation of grain and food, and weight loss should be considered; Cold treatment;, In order to help fat metabolism, hawthorn, tangerine peel and other medicinal materials should be used to eliminate stomach fire and grain accumulation.

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