Secrets of household cleaning tips

secrets of household cleaning tips

1, white radish cleaning table

cut white radish with detergent scrubbing kitchen table, will produce unexpected cleaning effect.

2, milk wipe wooden furniture

can be soaked in milk cloth wipe cabinets, tables and other wooden furniture, and finally with water wipe again, milk decontamination effect is very good.

3, egg white wipe leather sofa

can be a clean flannelette dipped in some egg white wipe, can remove stains, but also make the skin bright as before.

4, alcohol cleaning Plush sofa

plush fabric sofa can be dipped in a little diluted alcohol brush once, and then blow dry with electric hair dryer, if there is juice stains, mix with 1 teaspoon soda powder and water, and then dip in cloth to wipe, stains will be reduced.

5. Toothpaste wipe the dirt on the refrigerator shell

toothpaste contains abrasive, which has strong decontamination power. You can use a soft cloth dipped in a little toothpaste to wipe slowly, and the refrigerator will return to bright and clean. Remove the soup on the carpet with salt. Should successively use clean dry cloth or towel to absorb moisture, and then sprinkle some salt on the stain. After the salt surface infiltrates and absorbs, use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the salt, and then level the carpet with a brush.

7. Apple kernel degreasing

there is often a layer of oil stain in the kitchen sink. It happens that the oil stain can be wiped off with the apple kernel just after eating the apple. This is because the apple kernel contains pectin, and pectin has the function of removing the oil stain. 8. Remove the gum with ice

the gum stuck on the carpet is not easy to take off. You can put the ice in a plastic bag and cover it on the gum. After about 30 minutes, your hand will feel hard. Take off the ice and brush it with a brush.

9. Method of finishing log furniture

log furniture can be sprayed directly on the surface of furniture with water quality wax water, and then dried with soft dry cloth, the furniture will be bright and clean. If scratch is found on the surface, apply cod liver oil first and wipe it with a wet cloth after one day. In addition, wipe with thick brine, can prevent wood decay, prolong the life of furniture.

ten, clever use of plastic film to remove oil

in the kitchen near the stove wall paste plastic film. Due to the characteristics of easy adhesion of the preservative film and its transparent appearance, it is not easy to detect by naked eyes. After a few weeks, when the preservative film is full of oil, you just need to gently tear off the preservative film and lay another layer again, without any effort.

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