Seven kinds of food can improve your immunity

Seven kinds of food improve your immunity

7 kinds of food improve your immunity

1 seabuckthorn

rich in vitamin C, can resist fatigue, promote the hematopoietic system, but also protect the digestive tract, remove free radicals, improve the function of the vascular system, enhance immune function.

2 and grapefruit

are rich in vitamin C. However, it is now scientifically proven that people can get enough vitamin C from their food to treat colds and flu without any supplements. But grapefruit also contains a lot of flavonoids – a natural chemical that helps boost the immune system. Don’t like the taste of grapefruit? Try oranges or oranges.

, papaya juice

World AIDS research and Prevention Foundation Chairman Luc · Experts said that the juice extracted from fermented papaya can enhance human immunity and fight against some viruses including SARS, but there is still a lack of research in this field.

experts said: & lt; Papaya juice contains some substances that can improve immunity and antioxidant capacity. Although we have not studied the oxidative power of SARS patients, I think it is feasible& rdquo; Experts say he has recommended the extract to his peers to treat SARS patients in France.

4 and Brazil purple berry

are no different from blueberry in planting, but they are super food in sales. The dim color of Brazil purple berry indicates that its antioxidant anthocyanin content is very high. Although brambles are not associated with specific diseases or are resistant to diseases, the antioxidants in brambles contribute to anti-aging and anti vitrification. Brambles can be juiced, mixed with milk or dried into oatmeal rolls.

5, whole grains

cereals include those nutrients refined from refined grains. These ingredients contain folic acid, selenium, vitamin B and other heart healthy elements. These elements can also control your weight and reduce the risk of diabetes. The fiber content makes you feel not hungry between meals, but also promotes your digestion.

6, button mushroom

don’t think short mushroom has no nutrition: it contains mineral selenium and antioxidant. Low levels of selenium in the body increase the risk of severe influenza. Moreover, vitamin B, riboflavin and niacin found in this mushroom play an important role in the health of the immune system. Animal experiments also showed that mushroom had antiviral, antibacterial and antitumor effects.

7 and propolis

propolis can improve the phagocytosis ability of human macrophages to viruses and bacteria, and make the body’s immune system in the best state of dynamic balance; Natural immune enhancer;.

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