Seven kinds of foods for health preservation in spring:

spring has already come. Are you still worried about what you eat in spring? Don’t you know how to keep fit is the best in this warm season? It doesn’t matter. Xiaobian can take you to have a look and study the relevant knowledge points! Sun Simiao, a doctor of the Tang Dynasty, said: “save acid and increase sweetness, so as to maintain temper.” It means eating less sour food and more sweet food can nourish the liver and spleen. Therefore, we should eat more sweet vegetables in spring. Such as concanavalin, pumpkin, lentil, cowpea, lentil, spinach, carrot, taro, etc. Spinach has the functions of nourishing yin and dryness, soothing liver and nourishing blood, which is very effective in the adjuvant treatment of liver Qi discomfort complicated with stomach disease.

4555 eat more vegetables that can warm and replenish Yang Qi. 6667

leek, garlic, onion, mustard, ginger, turnip, scallion, etc. are all warm and pungent vegetables, which can not only protect Yang Qi, but also sterilize and remove moisture, but also disperse wind and cold. Garlic not only has bactericidal effect, but also can promote metabolism, prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

eat more vegetables to clear away heat.

in spring, the fire is abundant, and the human body is prone to liver fire. At this time, eat more vegetables to clear away the heat, which can nourish the liver, moisten the liver and improve eyesight. Such vegetables are: water chestnut, celery, chrysanthemum seedling, lettuce, eggplant, water chestnut, cucumber, mushroom, laver and so on. Laver is rich in iodine, calcium, alginate, mannitol, crude fiber and other ingredients, which can help reduce cholesterol and soften blood vessels.

eat more vegetables rich in vitamin E

potatoes, soybeans and bean products are rich in protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B, medium fat and a little carbohydrate, which are very beneficial to liver repair.

eat more wild vegetables

shepherd’s purse, purslane, dandelion, plantain, Yuqian, bamboo shoots and other wild vegetables because they grow in the suburbs, mountains, pollution-free, is a natural green food, rich in nutrition, significant health care function, and eat simple, cold, stir fry, soup, filling can be.

eat more fresh vegetables

spring climate is dry, eat more fresh vegetables can clear away heat and generate fluid, especially tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits. Tomato is rich in vitamin C, can improve the body’s immunity, heat detoxification, is very beneficial to the liver.

in addition, eating more animal liver and dairy products has certain significance for protecting the liver and promoting the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

4552 two things need to be paid attention to in spring health care. There is a folk saying that “spring cover and autumn freeze” is beneficial to health preservation to a certain extent, but it does not mean that everyone needs spring cover to cover their health. Spring cover should be aimed at different groups of people, such as the elderly and children. Due to the cold of winter, the Yang rises in spring, Body recovery also needs a process, not just spring cover can achieve the effect of health care. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the degree of spring cover is not to sweat more, the weather is very hot, but also three inside and three outside to cover, a lot of sweat is counterproductive.

it is not suitable to wear single shoes too early

as the saying goes, the disease starts from the foot. Nowadays, many young people begin to wear single shoes very early, which is very bad for their health. Feet and legs are the summation of the three yin meridians and the three yang meridians of the human body. The inner side of the leg is the three yin meridians of the liver, spleen and kidney, and the outer side is the three yang meridians of the gallbladder, stomach and bladder. It is very important for the human body, so we must pay attention to keeping warm and should not wear single shoes too early.

Spring Health recipe 10 porridge nourishing liver and strengthening Yang Qi

celery porridge

practice each time with 120 grams of celery, boiled with water, take juice and 150 grams of Japonica rice, decocted into porridge, slightly warm drink.

: the liver Yang is easy to move in spring, which often causes the rise of liver fire, headache and vertigo. Patients or the elderly, often eat celery porridge, to reduce blood pressure, reduce irritability has certain benefits.

chrysanthemum porridge

chrysanthemum 50g, japonica rice 100g, rock sugar amount. First, the chrysanthemum soup, and then cooked with rice porridge, porridge will become, add rock sugar to melt.

effect: the middle-aged and old people who eat chrysanthemum porridge in spring can not only cure wind heat, headache, dizziness and tinnitus, but also make their limbs relaxed, their ears and eyes clear, and delay their aging.

4555 yam porridge 6667

: 100-200g fresh yam, washed and sliced, cooked with 100g japonica rice.

Chinese yam is a kind of food with mild nature and mild taste, which can nourish spleen, lung and kidney. Modern pharmacology research found that yam contains amylase, glycoprotein and free amino acids, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin C, etc., which has a tonic effect. The middle-aged and old people often eat some yam porridge in spring, which has a lot of benefits.

carrot porridge

first wash 1-2 carrots (as you like) and cut them into shreds. After boiling a little, fry them with vegetable oil, scallion, ginger and other seasonings. Use 100 grams of Japonica Rice and water to cook porridge. When it’s almost cooked, add fried carrots and cook. Sprinkle some coriander and sesame oil when you start cooking, and you will feel a delicious fragrance coming into your nostrils.

utility carrot porridge is rich in vitamin A. people with poor appetite or indigestion, dry skin, night blindness and hypertension can often eat this porridge.

rose porridge

the best way is to use the small rose buds that have not been opened after dehydration, and all nutrients are in the bud that has not been opened. Use fresh stem rice to make porridge, add appropriate amount of small rose buds after cooking, wait until the porridge is light pink, then you can eat.

efficacy: often eating rose porridge, it can make your face pleasant, make your skin delicate, and can also treat stomach pain caused by stagnation of liver qi. It also has the effect of calming, soothing, and anti depression on mood.

conclusion: health preservation in spring is a very important thing. In spring, all things grow and diseases quickly approach us, so we must pay attention to the methods of health preservation, and the above porridge is the best product for health preservation in spring. I hope you can have a try.

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